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Nala Grieving

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My cat Evan passed away on the 26th and I'm positive Nala knows. I'm not sure if Nala seen his dead body or not but she could have. I understand she is Grieving and sad.

I went out and got a new kitten because I thought Nala would be alright with it. She seemed pretty upset thought the minute I brought JoJo into the house. So, for the time being he is confined to the bathroom until he gets comfortable and she starts acting some what normalish.

He does walk around the house with me and follows me everywhere.

Nala and JoJo have not seen each other yet. I'm taking it verryyy slow.

Any suggestions would be awesome!

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I am sure she is.
Meeko did that when I lost Stormy last Dec to Kidney Failure.
She was in the room with Stormy when I found her very sick.
We rushed to the vet but her kidneys were gone.
After that Meeko became so upset.
I had just got Oreo a few weeks before but I had not let her be with the other cats yet.
Meeko was so depressed though and we had to get her blood tests and they were fine.
Watch your cat for depression.
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I haven't lost any of my cats yet, but when my mom had to put down one of her dogs, the other one knew and was depressed for quite a long period. They do know when their friend is gone, and they grieve just like we do. I would advise the same as mews2much, watch her for depression and take her to the vet if you see signs. Let her know that you still love her and comfort her as you would anybody else. It will help both of you.
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Thank you both! I'll keep you updated.
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Originally Posted by xris View Post
Thank you both! I'll keep you updated.
explain to Nala what has happened.
my Mouse died almost 4 years ago. as far as her littermate, Pixel, was concerned, her sister left the house & never returned [she died at the vet's while recovering from surgery]. i explained to Pixel what had happened, & i feel that it helped her.
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I've been talking to Nala and trying to comfort her so much. She seems to be warming up and loving on everyone again.

She was extra happy it seemed today so I decided to show her JoJo. She came forward looking curious and smelled the air around him and hissed at him a couple times so I put him back into the bathroom. We'll see what happens in the next couple of days.
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I'm so sorry about the loss of your kitty Evan.
Nala is bound to be upset, if for no other reason than that her "known world" is different. It may take her awhile to adjust.
As for introducing a new kitten---her "known world" is even more different than she thought! Depending on how small JoJo is (if he's teeny I wouldn't do ths) I would let him have the run of the place while you're around to supervise. Let Nala swat him if that's what she feels like, as long as you're there to break up too much aggression on her part. Also, a little hissing never hurt anyone.
I've always been one to introduce the newbies right away, and we've never really had a problem. There may be some swatting & hissing for the first few days, but they will get used to each other. Nala may even ignore you and make you feel like the scum of the earth for awhile, but it will pass.
Good luck; the first couple of days may be tough.
Gentle head skritches to your babies, with an extra one for Nala. She's had a rough couple of days.
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I am very sorry for your loss.
Fred was my longest living cat, and he grieved terribly when we lost Webb, then later on, Leo. He moped around, and laid in my lap. Sometimes he would howl and cry. He was a very social kitty, and would accept another cat immediately with a good face washing and a little sniffing. He did not like being an only cat. They definitely grieve, and it can be heartbreaking to watch.
I hope your intros go smoothly.
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I lost a cat recently as well. I have 3 other indoor cats and all of them were sad. I think they understand how sad we are as well and they go through our process together. :-( I have been giving them extra attention and I do talk to them (not sure they fully understand), but I let them know that I miss her too. They are getting their new order now and my second oldest kitty rules the land.
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