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Participate in Psychology Experiment

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I received this by e-mail. I believe it is legitimate. Several of my students have participated and had a good time doing the task. I thought some of y'all might also enjoy participating in this study.


Quote begins here
Hi, I am a researcher from Germany (Potsdam University),
and I am currently working on motivation on people. For
that reason I programmed a little experiment that is
testing participants’ motivation while playing a little
game. You are asked to move a rabbit, who is running at
the bottom of the screen while it is trying to catch
some falling eggs. The experiment is part of the research
at the University of Potsdam and will take about 10-20
minutes. Every participant will have the opportunity to
enter his or her name into a draw for three Amazon
vouchers (2 x 15,-Euro and 1 x 20 Euro). All individual
responses are completely confidential and anonymous.

To make it for people easy to take part and reach many
different people I decided to do an online-experiment.
I hope to make it an international study and get as many
people from different countries to complete the experiment
as possible (for cross-cultural purposes).

All you have to do is work through the experiment on screen.
The access address is:


It would be helpful if you could participate in that little
experiment and send this email (with the link) to your
friends (all age groups). I hope for some kind of a snow-
ball principle.

If you have any questions concerning this experiment or the
research behind it, please do not hesitate to contact me on

Kind Regards,
Mirko Wendland


Lab-United - International Online Research

end quote
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I'm so darn busy this week - this third week of every month after the end of a quarter is always my busiest. But if this is something that will still be up next weekend, I'll give it a go!

... BTW - it's been the kind of week that I'm beginning to think that I am a psychological experiment, LOL!

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It does seem to be legitimate, I could find links to it on the pages of the University of Potsdam, and found the name of the person in that note on their pages as well. Okay, so I was a bit sceptical at first...
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I saw this same animation on one of the greeting cards sight as a greeting card.
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