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Pansy has been throwing up a lot, sometimes there is a hairball and sometimes not. HE has been throwing up every day or every other day for around a week to ten days. I started giving him the hairball gel stuff from the vet around 5 days ago, but he is still throwing up. He just threw up and he hasn't eaten since this morning, around 7 hours ago, yet there was plenty of undigested food, so I am thinking it is not digesting due to a Hairball? I found a perfectly formed hairball yesterday, with no vomit, not sure who it was from. anyone have this experience? I ma beginning to think a vet visit is in order, but I really don't want to go if it is a hairball. what if it is really lodged in his stomach somewhere, like the opening to his intestines. will the gel stuff get it to move? He must be digesting some food, because he doesn't throw up eveyday, but it is pretty frequent.
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I went through this with Jack a few months ago. He was bringing up a hairball nearly every day, but there were times when he was just sick. I mentioned it to the vet because he was due for his checkup, but he felt Jacks tummy and said it was just hairballs being the time of year with them shedding. He said that his tummy would be inflamed with all the vomiting, but i changed his food to Royal Canin intensive hairball and after 3 weeks i knoticed a huge decrease in the furballs and the vomiting stopped.

I always have a tube of Laxitone in, but since using the new kibbles i havent needed it. A vets visit would give you peace of mind though
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