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Well that was interesting.

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Rob and I were on our way back from the parts store, about 2 miles away from the house. We ended up stuck behind an elderly couple in a old worn out car, doing 35-40mph in the 50mph zone. There is a subdivision a few hundred feet in front of us, and a white Ford Taurus pulls out cutting off the couple in front of us. The Taurus proceeds to do 35-40mph as well.

On the other side of the road, a Dorchester County Sheriff drives by. As soon as he passes the Taurus, he flips his lights and turns around. Rob was wondering if maybe he was after us, because he may have touched the line or something. But we both also know that DC Sheriffs don't really care about much - very rarely do you ever see them pull someone over for anything unless it's serious.

There is a side road where a plumbing business is located just up the road a few seconds after the cop went by. The Taurus turned in there thinking he could make a getaway, but the plumbing business has a gate across the road they keep locked when they are not open for business. The worn out car was just passing in front of that road when the Taurus tried to come back out, nearly hitting them, and narrowly missing us as he cut out in front of us, darted to the other side of the road, and then swerved back again.

He was swerving all over the road in front of us, until the worn out car moved out of his way. Then he attempted to floor it. Not saying our 4 cylinder Integra is super-car fast by any means, but the Taurus wasn't going to shake us once we realized the cop was after him (we didn't see him in our mirrors yet, there was a few cars he had to wait on before making the U-turn). So the guy in the Taurus started slamming on his brakes, then speeding up, swerving off the road, etc trying to get us away. A few houses before we reached our driveway, the cop was coming up so we moved out of the way. He busted the guy in the Taurus right after that, because I'm sure that guy knew there was no way his dilapidated car was gonna outrun the cop car (he couldn't outrun our lil' Teg either )

We're sure it was something interesting - that cop had to be looking for him. Especially since the strobes came on the second he passed that Taurus (and he wasn't doing anything wrong when the cop spotted him). Then the guy tried to run, which just made it hilarious. I'm sure he's just down the road getting loaded into the sheriff's car with his hands cuffed. DC sheriffs cant be bothered unless it's serious.

What an interesting trip back from the parts store All in 2 miles.
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Originally Posted by Tara & Rob View Post
...I'm sure he's just down the road getting loaded ...
Sounds like he was doing that before he got in his car, lol! People on the road must have called in that there was a crazy driver out there. I'm glad they got him off of the roads.
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what a stange story I would have called the cops to let them know where he was
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Wow!! glad u got home safe with a looney on the road!!!!?
Jess x
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He must have been acting nutty somewhere, because that cop had to be looking for him. I actually realized it all happened within a single mile He pulled out of a subdivision and less than a mile later he was sitting on the side of the road busted by the cop that saw him go by.

We definitely would have reported him if the cop wasn't already pursuing!
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