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Aah! I can't believe I just did that!!!!!

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I bought a digital camera!!! Alex is going to KILL me! I've been shopping a long time, and I found one on E-Bay that is 4.13MP, Hewlett Packard, with a 1 year warranty, 21x zoom, etc. It was $290, and at and Yahoo! Shopping, the best I could find for that camera was almost $400!

Sooo . . . eep! I hate spending money! (But I love buying stuff!) But my camera is wearing out, and it's so expensive to develop film. So, I figured, why not go digital? Plus, it was just my b-day, so I figure I should get myself a little treat with the b-day money I got . . .

I'm still freaking out, though! I'm a very conservative spender, and I always get really nervous when I make big purchases. Eep!
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Viva, my digital camera was the best thing I ever bought!!! I love it and use it ALL the time. I got mine off ebay as well and it was a huge bargain.

You'll be glad you bought it, trust me!
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I've got two - a $50, 1 megapixel cheapie, for quick shots and a Kodak EasyShare, 3-megaixel, for better pix. I can snap a shot, download it, edit and have printed or posted, in less than 10 minutes. Talk about instant gratification!
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I have a Kodak! Actually my Dads work owns it, but he's allowed to borrow everything from them! We borrowed it last year and we still have it. I guess it's ours then! It's a $2000.00+ digital camera. It takes pretty good pictures, but I know there are better ones out there!

Viva - So now you'll be posting lot's of pictures for us right?
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Oh, yes, I'm definitely posting TONS of pic's!! That was partly why I got it, to post here and send to family.
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I got mine off of The Home Shopping Channel website for $100.00. Its not a high end camera but it takes pretty good pics.
I bought a better memory stick than what it came with and it takes TONS of pics without having to dump them onto the computer. The most I have had on it at once is 160 and it was still not full. It takes mini-videos too

Congrats on the new camera, and if you want me to host any of your new kitty pics so you can post them email them to me at Ginger@KittyOats.Com

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Viva, you won't regret it once you have it! Our digital camera was the best investment we've made. We use it all the time, and it's purrfect for keeping track of your kitten when she arrives. Luna will grow SO fast, take lots of pics!!!
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Cool, Viva,m you will love it! Your present to yourself will give you new presents each time you take a picture!
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I definitely agree! You're going to love having a digital. It's so nice to be able to take as many pictures as you want, and edit them on the computer. If you have a photo quality printer it saves a lot of money and cuts out the middle man. Mine isn't that great (it was a gift), but it works. I want to get a high res. one when we get more $.
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Is Hewlett Packard a good company? I got the 812 HP camera.
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You're going to love having the digital camera. I've taken so many pictures of Spike since I brought him home because of it... if I didn't have it, I'd have missed getting so many of him as a baby... they grow up so fast!
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I know someone who has a HP , Pretty Good but personally I like Kodak better Have fun with your new toy , They are so cool and Not at one point will you regret it.. Have Fun and Good Luck telling Alex

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I have a HP 302 2.1 MP and I love it!!I got it at Walmart for $149.00 and all my picture's I post here are from that one!I take picture's of my cat's and kitten's and my grandchildern,in fact I took a bunch yeaterday and today and printed them and now have them in frames!Here is one I took today when it was cloudy,this is my granddaugther Caitlyn! She is 6
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Erin age 4 yesterday bright & sunny out side
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What a cutie!
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Last night 7:45 PM
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Viva, I've only had experience with HP's printers, but generally speaking they put out a good product. Their web page has a lot of good support too, which is always a plus!
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My coumpter ,camera,printer are all HP"s and I love them.and the support is wonderful. You will love it!!
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Cool! Now I just need to find a way to tell Alex . . .
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Sherral those pictures are nice. I have been trying to camera shop for a long time. maybe i dont need a zillon mega pixels for a good photo after all.
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