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Can cats transmit salmonella to hens/poultry?

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Hello, sorry for the silly question -

I was told today that in a farm, 100 hens died from salmonella because they got it from a cat (ferral) that drank water from their water, that the cat transmitted the disease to the poultry.

Is that possible? I searched google but cannot get to any conclusion

Just by curiosity, because a farmer that hates cats told me that (that their farm vet told them that) and i wanted to know if I can change their minds about cats...
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And it is more likely that the chickens gave salmonella to the cat.
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I've never heard of that! Geezzzzz the things cats are blamed for!

As far as I know reptiles (especially turtles) and birds/chickens would be the ones that can pass on samanella. Not warm blooded mammals.
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It can be passed from any animal or human that carries it. A bit like the C. diff. I have - if I don't wash my hands before preparing food I could infect/possibly kill someone because I'm a carrier. (and yes, I could even infect my pets.. )
Salmonella and several other bacterias are passed through fecal to oral contamination.

A cat couldn't give it to another animal by drinking from the same water, it just doesn't work that way - wrong end. However, the cat could have something on it's feet and so could anyone that walks into that place if proper measures aren't taken.

And no, reptiles are no more likely to make you sick with salmonella then your cat is. You have a higher risk getting it if you don't wash you vegetables before eating them or if someone preparing your food at a restaurant doesn't wash their hands.
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Really???? I learned something today - always thought it was the reptiles that were more of a risk.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Really???? I learned something today - always thought it was the reptiles that were more of a risk.
Media spin on things. Reptiles aren't your conventional pet like cats and dogs are (and even cats are seen as less of a pet than a dog). There's a bit of a stigma associated with being a reptile owner - especially a snake owner. So, take what is an unpopular pet to most people and make it into something big and scary through hearsay.

As long as one washes their hands, keeps their reptile's cages clean, and doesn't go around licking their pet - there's no risk of catching salmonella. I've caught and kept reptiles for as long as I remember, they've never made me sick.
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Thank you for your answers !
So maybe the cat (or a human) brought the disease with their paws (shoes) and when the poultry ate from the ground, they got the salmonella?

Thank you for the time to look into this thread, I will ask my vet as well when I see him, and then he'll have to tell the farmers that cats are inocent !
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^ Or that there's possibly some other disease killing the chickens. Considering that they're blaming the water you'd think they might consider giardia and coccidia...
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I have worked 5 yrs in clinical Microbiology. I did human and vet specimens. I have never come across a Cat with Salmonella. Or a Dog for that matter. It Is a problem with dairy cows though. We were diagnosing dairy calf right and left with salmonella.

Salmonella is self limiting in the normal healthy person and some Drs dont even medicate it. It is much harder on the elderly and the young and imuno compromised such as cancer/AIDS/organ transplants, etc.

Could it be sparrows or beetles or butterflys Or field mice?

I dont think cats. They are much to clean.

P.S giardia and coccidia are all so suspect. Good thinking.
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