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Mysterious stomach problems

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Hi, everyone. It's Sunday and Liz (4-year-old, female house cat) has been throwing up almost daily for about a week. The vet is not open until tomorrow and I'm trying to gauge what I may be dealing with right now and how much I should be getting upset (if a all).

It started when I reintroduced them to cat grass recently. It apparently didn't set well with Liz and she threw up part of it (ironically, something meant to help with hairballs, actually seemed to cause her to throw up). I removed the cat grass and she is still throwing up what seems like daily or more. She seems otherwise fine.

I've been looking at all the signs of kitty vomit that I can think of and Lizzie has run the whole gamut (sometimes there have been hairballs, sometimes nothing). I haven't noticed her eating or going to the litter box lately, but she's always been almost obsessive about not liking to eat or use the litter box with people nearby. Having her brother Gus also living inside makes me not able to monitor the food and litter boxes to see if they're being used.

I've been away from home for most of 2008 and my parents have been taking care of them here at their house (temporarily here myself) and they share a water dish with the family's dog seeming without problem. I don't know if that could be contributing to this.

Several years ago, the family cat suddenly began throwing up continually. After taking it to the vet, he determined a large tumor crushing his stomach and the cat had to be put down. I see every sign of cat vomit through those lenses now. So, Liz's throwing up frequently these past few days have me kind of wigged out.

Is it possible for cats to get stomach bugs? Is frequent throwing up over the span of several days always a dire thing?
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I can't answer what is gpoing on but my guess is that it is the cat grass. How does your cat act 5 minutes after throwing up?

Is frequent throwing up over the span of several days always a dire thing?
Not at all
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Barring a change in food, which often causes such problems, the possibilities range from the benign (a hairball she's trying to get rid of) to the disastrous. If you think she has a problem, you should definitely visit the vet to settle your nerves and to rule out some of the more serious possibilities.
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My first thought would be that the cat grass triggered an allergic reaction, and the reaction is persisting. Some of these things need meds to "break the cycle", so I would take the kitty to the vet. At the very least, the vet can give you some reglan, which will help with the nausea and will also help with stomach emptying and motility. If it is something more complex, it's always better to be at the vet sooner rather than later.
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I would call the vet as soon as you can.
I have had it go both ways from throwing up.
It may be nothing or it could be something major.
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