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Sunday!! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!!

Rainy Cool and Dreary here this morning. Would have been a good day to stay in under the covers but what can you do.

Heading off to work shortly, get a jump start on my month end stuff today so that will be out of the way.

Nothing special planned for afterwards, just home, dinner and TV. It's the season premiere of The Simpson's tonight so I certainly can't miss that.

The kitties are fine this morning. Linus is sitting in the window looking disgruntled because of the weather. Pixie is reclining on the back of the chair staring at me, willing me to open the treat jar...And sassy said to heck with this and went back to bed, presently he is a lump under my comforter..

Everyone have a great day
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Church at 10am, then we plan on going to see Fireproof movie later this afternoon. From the reviews so far of those that saw it on opening day Friday, this is one movie EVERYONE (married or not) should see!

I plan on bringing a pack or two of tissues with me - hear you need it
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Today I'm going to Safeway, not to shop for groceries, but to finish pricing out the groceries that my brother lost to smoke damage from the fire in his house last June. I got about 1/2 of them done last weekend and I'm hoping to finish up today, but there are 21 pages total so I think I might have to go back next weekend again.

After that I'm going to have to lay down for a while, and then do one or two loads of laundry.
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DH is at work and we're actually having laminate wood floors installed in the livingroom at the moment. The cats used the carpet as a litter box too much, so we're hoping this will help. It actually wasn't as bad as we first thought after we pulled the carpet up yesterday...only 2 spots on the sub flooring which we did clean and treat. So, most of the cats are hiding in the computer room with me because the banging and sawing are scaring them, but Harley is out there "assisting" . The dogs, of course, are going crazy but they are outside. It should only take a few hours and then life can get back to normal....hopefully!
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Good morning

Looks to be pretty warm out today - haven't ventured outside yet. We're taking Nero to the vet at 2pm today - he's due to have his final vaccinations today but I'm not sure if he'll get them because his URI is back again. It seems like every time he finishes his medicine, a few days later it's back! (Personally, I think he should have been put on Clavamox last time instead of Amoxi-drop again. That's what they did with Monte & Katina when they had a URI last year. Amoxi, then Clavamox).

Then I'll probably read and relax for awhile, Rob will probably be out putting parts on this guy's car, and then it's BBQ chicken and green beans for dinner

We also might stop by Wal-Mart and get some water for our fishtanks, and maybe I'll get 2 goldfish and try again with my 10 gal.
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We're in Vermont right now, finishing up some laundry at the fiance's parents house. (It feels so weird to call him my fiance now, lol). We're probably leaving around 4ish to go home, so I can finish some things up around the apartment.

I've been doing lots of wedding research as well. I think we're going to look at a venue for the ceremony and reception in a few weeks. It's one that I've loved since looking at the website so let's hope I like it in person! As long as we can book the venue early enough to get the date we want, I'll be happy
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Good morning everyone! I'm running errands with daughter today; tonight husband gets back home from another trip.
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I'm hoping for some energy. The weather is "blah", so I'm completely unmotivated. I'm one good TV program away from blowing the entire day!
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I'm studying for an Anthropology exam I have to take on Monday night and working on a paper due in English on Monday morning. We have to go pick up a birthday cake and have dinner with my daddy as yesturday was his birthday. DBF is watching football.

Sunny is sleeping peacefully as he was not able to this morning. Our landlord had a service come out and woke us up cutting down the tree outside our bedroom window. 3 hours later, they are still out there, but the major noise has stopped. Sunny was absolutely terrified.

Tikibird is talking - ALOT. He has lots to say today.

We have a busy day planned so perhaps tomorrow, I can get some relaxing done (after my test).
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Well... its evening now so i can say what was on my agenda lol

I got up , had a sandwhich , chilled out , showered got dressed , went with mum and dad and bro to see Baxter (the puppy were gettin 2 weeks today he is only 5.5 weeks old now! ANd then i came home had a nap , feel a bit iffy.. going to have dinner chill some more , and get too bed as i have my friends little girl all day tomorrow lol!

Jess x
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Well after rushing Sev to the E- vet this morning, I need to relax today

Later I will be watching my Redskins get their head handed to them by Dallas
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blah blah blah work and I am not happy about it.
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I have spent all morning ripping 5Gbs worth of my CDs and putting on my new mp3 player (a belated b-day gift from Toby).

And enjoying a rare day of the internet actually being up.
The satellite dish needs a new recieve cable
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well i cooked my sunday lunch again my mam would be proud so im going to hers next sunday to cook her lunch
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My sunday evenings not been so great , just one of those ratty days i think..
Jess x
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We went to church this morning. Then came home. My husband and I ate some lunch together and sat and watched some of the Red Sox/Yankees game. Then he had to go to work for this evening, so I am going to do a whole lot of nothing! I need it!
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