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need vibes

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My dh lost his job yesterday. The guy he has been working for for 5 years fired him. It was really unfair because he has been there 5 years and is the senior artist. The owner made a bunch of promises to him, and got mad when asked to honor them. He finally did what he said he would do, then he said dh was "laid off' until the shop does better. Right. You don't get laid off in the tattoo biz, either you work or you don't.
We are trying to step up plans to go back to Augusta, GA. We were going anyway, but not right away. Dh is so mad, he has never been fired from a job before.
I would appreciate some of those good TCS vibes for our move and being able to keep all our babies together when we get there. I will be keeping them, but my daughter may have to take 1 or 2 of them. I hate uprooting Pearl twice, she is making so much progress. Thanks!
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If you've never been fired before, you're either very young or not pushing yourself at all! But that doesn't make it any more pleasant.
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I am so sorry to hear this Many vibes for a smooth transition for when you move and for your DH's job hunt. For Pearl
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Let me clarify. He has never been fired from a tattooing job. He was fired from construction and plumbing jobs.
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sending many many vibes your way, for the move, for a new job and for the cats, especially Pearl
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Heading your way!
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Lots of & coming your way. I hope your move goes smoothly.
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Are there no other tattoo parlors in your area? If he does tattoos that means he's also an artist. Can he draw and paint with other medium than tattoo ink? Why doesn't he apply for some graphic arts type work? Or even advertising. They are always looking for artistic talent. Or how about in the computer gaming industry drawing up concept art for the 3D modelers to work from?
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Lots of vibes for you and your honey and all your fur-family!
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Here's some more vibes for your move!
That's crappy that he got fired like that.
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What a terrible shock this must be for both of you! Lots of positive energy coming your way from us!
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Many vibes for you!!
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Another type of job here for awhile would be nice, but there is nothing here. I got downsized in March and have only been able to find short term retail jobs. I am making more in unemployment. This is a crummy little town outside a Marine base and they just put a bypass around it, so 4 tattoo shops have taken a big hit, one, possibly 2 are closing. The Marine Corps are no longer allowing them to have sleeves of tattoos, so many of them have lost interest in getting any ink at all. The base is still at low active duty capacity, anyway since most of them are in Iraq and go home after they finish their tour, not even coming back here.
I spoke to a friend down in Augusta, and he is going to see if things are still booming there. He has had several decent jobs there, but somehow we ended up back here. If he ever talks about even visiting this crummy little town again, I am having him committed.
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Oh how scary! Best of vibes to you that you get it worked out and moved safely on!
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Oh how stressful.

Sending TCS powerful vibes that in the long run...
this will turn out to be a good thing for you, your DH and the kitties.
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