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Colour help please

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We had a lovely looking kitten dropped off with us a week and a half ago, and none of us can decide what colour she is, and neither can the vet!! I am wondering if she would be a blue tabby, but she has a distinct cream patch on her head, whcih I can't photograph as she is too lively!! She doesn't have strong tabby markings, but I dont think she has enough colour variance to be a tortie either!! My second guess is a blue patched tabby, as other than the cream spot, I think some of her lighter colours could just be classed as normal tabby, espeically on her chest. Think she is currently just described as an unusual colour for the moment!!

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Is there a slightly bigger picture please - looks like a blue or silver patch tabby to me!
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She could be a bluecream classic tabby or a blue-silver cream classic tabby. I probably could tell better in person unless you can get better picture.

Blue-silver is a unique color. I know the Oci cats have a blue-silver, but it would not be too helpful in figuring out your kitty's color.
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I think most probably siver patch or blue patch but a bigger picture would be more helpful. I've seen some off ASH colors recently and this lok akin to it. I don't think she's a blue cream at all!
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A blue patched tabby would be the same thing as a bluecream tabby - both would have blue and cream in the coat. Blue silver is a different color.
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I will have to download the other pics of her, she is hard to photograph as she doesn't do staying still. At least I was on the right lines with a blue tabby - what makes it even odder is that she was dropped off at my neighbours house late one night, apparently straying, completely flea ridden and no one has reported her missing yet. She does have nice, thick, soft fur, not like most of hte cats that come through here.
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I have no idea what she is (not a British 'classic' tabby, anyway - Tibby says so! ) but she is absolutely gorgeous!

Hopefully I get to meet her before she gets homed!
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I'd say blue tabby. That a blue tabby or a blue cat with white spotting has some cream in the color is normal (at least in moggies). It's rufism, polygenes that make the color warmer. You also see this in Abys and Somalis since the breeders want a warm blue color in these breeds and therefor breed blue cats with a lot of rufism.
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we often do this in Sibis as well.
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Reading posts in here has obviously had some benefit then!! The cream on her back is just flecks, that are very hard to pick up on camera, partly cos she doesn't do sitting still!! Out of interest, what parents would you need to get a blue tabby kitten?
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Blue is the dilute version of black. A brown tabby is genetically a black. So one parent (or both) have to be tabbies. And both parents have to be carrying dilute or be a dilute.

A brown tabby carrying dilute mated to another brown tabby carrying dilute could produce both brown and blue tabbies. You can also get it with tabby to a solid color cat (black or blue).
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Thanks GK, I have never come across a kitten with her colouring in 4 years of rescue work, we normally only get dilute torties!
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