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White foamy vomit?

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My 13 year old cat woke me up with two small spots of white foamy vomit this morning, never seen that before. Is this any different then normal yellow hairball vomit? I spent $400 on her in the last 30 days, so she had xray and blood panel very recently and it was pretty much normal so unless she physically acts differently she will not be going to vet soon.

She been eating nature's balance wet 3 times a day just fine, I have keep eye out just thought I ask about foamy white stuff.
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Did her blood chemistry show any kidney problems? That will often cause white foamy vomit. Also, pancreatitis can show this as well. Any other symptoms?

What was she in for recently? Just routine checks or a specific problem?
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That is what Stormy threw up the day I found her amost dead.
Her Kidneys were gone.
What was your cats Bun?
Stormy would drool and throw up sometimes.
I would still call a vet.
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Wow, I just posted almost the same question. Let me know if you find anything out. Time to find a new vet...we just moved.
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One suggestion I would make would be to ask your local shelter if they have a vet they deal with. I know there are 3 or so our shelter deals with, and we would be happy to recommend any of them. They all truly care about cats, and even have a cage in the lobby where they keep one of our cats available for adoption.
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My cat died this afternoon. She started to tilt her head alot, vomited that white stuff every time she moved, dragged her head, started twitching. The vet thought she had brain cancer or tumor. My sweet kelly after 13 years....T
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That is what Stormy did when her kidneys were gone last Dec only I got to the vet and they got the tests.
So sorry your cat died.
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Madara I am so sorry for your loss. You are not alone, my 15 year old cat had similar symptoms and I ended up having her put to sleep that day (of the foamy vomit and other symptoms you described) because of bone cancer and the vet thought she was probably in pain. Your kitty is in a happy pain free place. May they rest in peace...
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I am so sorry for the loss of your long time friend.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you
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I am so sorry for your loss!!Is there any way your cat could have ingested something?cats tend to drool and get foamy mouthed when they eat or drink something that is poisonous!Again I am so sorry for your loss,your kitty is in a better place and will never hurt again.
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Thank you for the warm replies. She has been losing weight, looking in pain at times for the last 18 months actually. She was always around the 11lb range till late 2005 and her last weigh in she was just under 6lb, yet the vet could not find anything too concerning.
My paint in my apartment is peeling on the corners abit lately so that does concern me but the odds that is what caused her rapid decline the last few weeks seems quite low to me.
Thanks again for putting up with all the question threads lately, just been so stressful that second opinions do help. I'm catching myself making two dishes of wet food, calling for her and looking for my fuzzy companion on my bed, this is going to be quite rough.
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If you need to talk pm me.
I lost 2 within 45 days of each other.
I can help you.
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