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3 week old pics

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Shadoe's babies are now 3 weeks old. Here is a couple of pictures i got. Hope ya all like em. The babies are walking now, so this should get fun.

hope the links worked.
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awww they are adorable
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Man those are some sweet little kittens!

FYI you can embed the photos in the forum!

Click the little yellow button above the text window that has the sun and mountains on it. then just paste in the link to your photo!

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So precious!
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Mega cute!
Jess x
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Awww, they are adorable! Are there just the 2?
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Awww...the cute little fluffbombs!
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Awww so precious!!!!!!!!
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Oh they are PRECIOUS
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What little cuties, They look like trouble
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Yes, shadoe only had 2 babies in this litter, and so far they are not trouble. Currrently they are under the couch in the living room, and they get daring once in a while an explore a bit. But they are so cute, and shadoe is doing a great job with them so far.
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So cute, are you keeping them
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No unfortunately i cant keep them all Bella. At least one has to go, due to city By-Laws for domestic animals/pets, I am only allowed 2 cats in the household. I have found 2 homes for the kittens right now, which is ok. I would still get mom. LOL.
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Awww....How do you find out the city law when it comes to the number of pets allowed? Do you have to contact the municipal or is it posted somewhere?
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They're adorable!
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