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I just watched Casablanca

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It was on our PBS station. No matter how many times I see it, it is still great. What about you?
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To be honest, I've never watched the whole movie thru. I did see the ending of another Bogart film tonight though, The Maltese Falcon
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I love Casablanca. I caught part of it today too. "The Germans wore gray, you wore blue"

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I love it too : ) But I missed it on PBS! : (
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You know, that is one movie I've never seen all the way through. I've caught bits and pieces of it, but that's all. I did rent it one time on video (being a classic and all, I figured I should watch it) but the tape was old and kept messing up. I really should rent it again.
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Every time I see it I catch something I missed the last time. A true classic.
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I`ve never watched it
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
I`ve never watched it
Don't feel bad, I've never watched it either.
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Some time when you're at Blockbuster, and you can't decide what to rent because you've seen it all, think about Casablanca, and give it a shot.
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