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I can't believe people!

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I went to the local animal shelter on Saturday to drop off some cat food and visit with all the animals. While I was there, I was looking at all the cats in cages that were ready for adoption. I saw one that broke my heart. It was a beautiful, extremely affectionate orange tabby. I was petting him and he was purring like crazy and pawing at me from inside his cage. It took me a while to notice, but when I did, I was shocked! He was missing an eye and some teeth! I pulled his information out and started reading and according to the info on his sheet, his former owners moved and just left him outside to fend for himself! He had claws thank goodness, but because he was left outside, he was in fight and lost an eye and some teeth!

I felt so bad for this kitty and I was so angry that people can just disgard their animals like that! How hard is it to take them to a shelter if you can't care for them anymore? I was so angry and upset, and they only thing that kept me from taking him home was the fact that he is afraid of other cats and I have two.

People are heartless.

I just needed to vent from to people who understand.
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I see things all the time that either anger me, confuse me or make me just want to weep. Cats are considered in this area of the country a disposable commodity and many of them are left to fend for themselves outside. The amount of cats I see killed by cars on the highway is sometimes staggering. I am the type of person that when I see a cat I know will not get adopted easily, the cat comes home with me. One of the main reasons I stay out of rescue shelters, as I have plenty here that were either dropped off or found their way to our home.

A few years ago, I had this cat I had never even seen before bring me four newborn kittens! She just pranced into our yard and dropped a kitten in Mike's lap (he was in the shop) and then she went back for three more. The next night, she left and came back with a fifth kitten! Three days later, we found her dead right next to them. How in the world she knew they would be safe here, is beyond me, as we had never seen her before. Her kittens grew up strong and safe and have been rehomed.
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It's heartbreaking to know this cat is without a home. I hope someone very kindhearted-who is blind to disabilites-takes him home and gives him the love he deserves. It is so hard to understand why people don't value life for its own sake!
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Hissy... That is so sad, I'm almost crying here. That last part you said about the momma cat and her kittens.
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That is WHY i ALWAYS ask potential cat owners/adopters to really consider all the facts and responsibilities BEFORE getting a furbaby.

It is SO IMPORTANT that kitties are NOT abandoned when they are grown up, and no longer as cute!
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Angel- Don't be sad, just look at the handsome family Fern presented us with- here she is with some of her kittens, all are in loving homes now. The little tan and white one was adopted by my vet!
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Oh they are adorible, so spunky looking!
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I found out a few days ago that most of the cats outside in my neighborhood have been abandoned by people being transferred out. There is one that has to be the ugliest cat in the world, poor baby. At least some of the people around here feed them.
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It's really kind of the neighbors to feed the abandoned cats, but if they are not spayed and neutered, there will be many more to feed. People mustn't think through what they're doing when they abandon their pets. They must be assuming that their cat will be the one to find a home-by itself! Perhaps there is a no-kill shelter nearby. There is a list at the top of this page. I hope these poor cats get some help.
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I guess I'm weird, I have NEVER seen an ugly cat... it doesn't matter what deformities it might have, but it's never ugly to me.

Yet... dogs... there are dogs which look ugly to me, and they don't even have to have some mutilation on their behalf, there's even some breeds that I just don't like!

Guess I'm just a cat person.
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