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In memory of Snagglepuss

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This isn't a story with a happy ending. This lil' fella we named Snagglepuss. He was a neighborhood turnout who found his way to us for food (most do as we feed them). If you look closely you'll see he has one tooth sticking out from his lower jaw. It's obvious his jaw had been broken at sometime and never healed properly. Snags was a pretty nice (but dirty) lil' fella.

We later found out he belonged to some kid named "Trevor" and is probably the same Trevor I saw a week earlier kicking the crap out of his dog till I yelled at him!

Anyhow Snags was left to his own devices for the winter. We took him in during the cold nights and he spent them in the basement where he slept like a kitten. When I carried him in I could feel all kinds of lumps and bumps on his ribs and legs where he'd probably suffered multiple injuries. I could also feel lumps in the soft tissues where there shouldn't be any. Now I'm not a sh*t disturber and decided not to make an issue of it with the authorities so we took Snags to the SPCA where they might be able to help him out. We don't know what eventually became of him but hope in our hearts he was fixed up and adopted cause he would have made someone a very good companion.
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Well it's not necessarily an unhappy story! Hopefully someone helped him out. And even if it was too late for him, better than spending his last days out there with the mean kid! You did a good deed
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Snags looks like he has a lot of character, like he's been through a lot and come out stronger, if a little scarred. Taking him to the shelter was a good choice.

However, I hope that if you see young Trevor abusing an animal again that you DO go to the authorities. It's a crime, and if his parents haven't set him straight by now, they probably won't. You might save another kitty's life by getting him the legal attention that he deserves.
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What a handsome kitty, Oh I would have loved to have him he looks like a sweet heart .What could possibly make a young kid so angry!!??? it is so sad!!
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I think what you did was great, you probably saved his life. Hopefully his medical issues were addressed and he is now resting comfortably on someone's lap. You could try and find out with a few phone calls.
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