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Won't sleep with me or cuddle

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Hi everyone!

I have a 5 months old Himalayan kitten which we had for about 5 or 6 weeks

while he follows us around the house like a little puppy and sleeps in my window or somewhere near me in the chair or floor..he won't cuddle on my lap or sleep with me in bed.

I woke up to him maybe 2 times out of the whole time we had him and he was in bed next to me ..but that lasted for maybe 10 minutes tops.

He gets plenty of love from all 4 people in the house and lets us pet him and he purrs pretty loudly...wont doesnt let himself be handled for long periods of time

Is this something he will grow out of? I thought Himmies are supposed to be love bugs?
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all cats are different. He'll probably always be like that but they do get more affectionate as they mature. I have 3 cats now and only 1 is a lap cat. They are all sweet and affectionate though.
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Well I've had 4 Himalayans in my life, 3 were/are affectionate and slept with me and one isn't
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Well I've had 4 Himalayans in my life, 3 were/are affectionate and slept with me and one isn't
were they affectionate since day one or did it take time?
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They can change over time. I think as kittens get older and calm down a bit they can become more cuddly. At first my Kirby couldn't sit still and didn't want to be held very long but now he does curl up on my lap and sleep. In bed he likes to sleep on my head-- so I kind of wish he was like your cat and just slept nearby!
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Hi, I know its been quite some time since this post and I was wondering how your Himalayan cat was doing with the cuddling/non-cuddling? I have a 7 month old female Himalayan that acts alot like yours. She does not like to be cuddled. She will cry to be put down, then when I put her down she will sit somewhere near me. She wants to be close to me but not touched. I got her when she was almost 3 months old, and I had always assumed that she was just hot in all her fur and dident want to be touched. That does not seem to be the case. She just does not want to cuddle. So I was wondering since your cat is a little older now if he likes to cuddle yet? Is there still cuddling hope? thanks
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I can't speak towards Himalayans, but my first cat never liked being picked up or cuddled when I got him. He was 18 months old when I got him, and he would whine like nobody's business whenever I tried to pick him up. I have had him for two years, and he has finally gotten to the point where he begs me to pick him up and pet him for half an hour at a time. This happened slowly, with him letting me pet him more and more until one day he jumped into my lap without any encouragement. So don't fret too much if your cat doesn't seem cuddly; it's likely that your cat just needs more time to warm up to you. Some cats are just not very cuddly, but in my experience, all cats get more affectionate as time goes on, even if it's just by a bit and just towards you. My aunt and uncle's oldest cat was a grump towards them for the first couple years they had her, but she warmed up to them and became their most affectionate cat. That cat still wouldn't give me the time of day, though.

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Thanks for your response. Im glad that your cat shows some interest in cuddling now. Your probably right about my cat needing more time to warm up. I guess only time will tell. I was surprised by her not cuddling because we had a family cat for 20 years that would not let me sit down without her being in my lap. She would follow me around and sit and stare at me until I would sit down so she could be in my lap. Cats are so funny.
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