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Is this too much food?

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I switched my cat last week to Wellness Core from the regular Wellness. I'm feeding her 1/4 of a cup Core in the morning and then a 3oz can of Wellness wet when I get home. Do you think this is too much food? She is a little overweight and I don't want to put anymore weight on her but I don't want her to be hungry either. She weighs around 12-13lbs
Thank you so much
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I don't think that's too much. That's almost exactly how much my 10 lb. cat eats but she is super lazy.

This article gives a good guideline for how to figure out how much food to feed for weight loss...it depends on what your vet thinks the cat's ideal weight should be.

1 cup of Wellness Core = 536 calories (1/4 cup = 134 calories)
1 cup of Complete Health = 550 calories (1/4 cup = 138 calories)
Wellness Pouches = 67 to 72 calories each (depends on flavor)
Wellness 3oz cans = 99 to 124 calories each (depends on flavor)


Has she always had this amount of food or have you recently reduced it? It will take a while before her weight starts to drop.
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Thanks for your help .
Tessie really only ate dry before and I was reading up on how dry food puts alot of weight on cats because of the carbs. So i wanted to incorporate some wet in her diet and less dry hoping this helps her loose weight or atleast not gain anymore.
The vet wanted to put her on Science diet to help her loose a few pounds but I refuse to have her eat that stuff. Plus the grains give Tessie itchy & flaky skin, thats why I switched her to the Core (no more flaky skin ).
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