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Monday DT

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Another dull day, here. The cats are all asleep and so are the dogs.

We had a power outage, last night. It made me miss the the last 15 minutes of the Bob Hope 100th birthday special. It was weird, though - just 6 houses went out. The power company came out, quickly. I was in the backyard, talking to my neighbor and watching the repair crew, up on a pole. A huge shower of sparks spewed out and scared the dogs. They got it back on, in half an hour, though.

Got a call, about my new job, this morning. They've changed my schedule, already. Insted of 7-2:30, I'll be working 5-12:30, for the first month. Looks like I'll be getting up, with Bill and getting home, about the same time. He gets off, at 1:00 but I have to drive farther.
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Oi! I've had a rough start to the week! We had a major presentation in Biology today, and TWO of our group members didn't show up! GRRRR . . . made me so mad. Needless to say, we didn't do as well, but hopefully the paper we turned in will redeem us. (It was a joint presentation and paper sort of project.)

Anyway, I had a good b-day yesterday. Got lots of gift cards to use to get stuff for the apt. Hope y'all have a better start to the day than I did!
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Bank holiday today as it's Easter Monday. We are redecorating our basement dining room, so spent some time clearing up after Ken's DIY (he a wonder with his DIY, can do pretty well anything in the house, but doesn't tidy up as he goes . . .).

The weather was OK - no rain, but not in the mid/upper 20s like on Friday. The cats spent most of the the time vegging in the garden, asleep in the borders.

I find I'm starting to get a bit too fat to bend down and do too much around the house and garden. What with feeling tired again and sleeping 12 hours a day, I'm feeling pretty useless. And I'm only at 23 weeks - yikes . . . what's it going to be like in a couple of months time???
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Yola, get all of the sleep, that you can now. You won't get much, after the baby's born.
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Today was a cloudy Monday, the rain that the sky had hinted about all day finally arrived around 5 PM. Didn't get much sleep last night, so I took a nap after work, god I love naps!!!
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Went for a nice long walk today. It's blowing like crazy outside, so I have to wear earplugs when I go walking to avoid earaches (its so windy in the desert). How was everyone's Easter? I teach the 3 year olds at my church, and they were all crazy! I think they were all hopped up on sugar from the Easter Bunny. I couldn't even get to my short little lesson, so I gave up, and we just colored.
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Craig took me to Easter dinner last night, and we went to Borders for a while. We each have our 'favorite' sides of the store and typically when we look for eachother we find one of us in the corner with a book oblivious to the surroundings.

Today I was enjoying sleeping in, and being a lazy bum.. when I got called in! I love when they call me in! Have to take some time out to call my mother and talk about car insurance. She's an insurance agents (sells any type of insurance you can name), and when I told her that I had to pay a $600 downpayment for my yearly insurance she went nuts. Told me NOT to do it, and to call her and she'd show me how to get the same covered with a much lower downpayment! Good thing.

Some bad news. Craig makes lots and lots of money and pays 99% of the bills. Being a waitress I pick up what I can but mostly buy groceries and pay phone bill, stuff like that. Well, the company he is currently working for is in financialy trouble. They've already laid off about 25-30 people in their Texas office and now they're laying off another 10-15 in the Mountain View office. I'm praying he doesn't get laid off. It will at least buy him time to find another job.

We can survive without him working. I can't pay $1400 a month for rent working as a waitress though, so I would have to pick up another job with this one, and he'll get paid roughly $350 a week unemployment. Me with two jobs and his unemployment we can survive until he finds something else. I'm praying this doesn't have to happen. Two jobs will beee soooo hard, and I will have to put my plans on hold (Saving up enough money to get my car registered, insured, get new tire, new exhaust system, and then saving for tuition for school).

It seems just when I get going, and am starting to feel good about moving my life along the way I want it, preparing for school. Something like THIS happens and I have to put it on hold. GRRRRR
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It has been raining most of the day today so I just printed out pictures I took of the kids yeaterday,and darn they came out good for a HP photosmart 320 2.1 MP dig.cam.It is going to be colder tommorrow and Wen. only in the 40's and then warmer for the weekend. I really wish it would make up it's mind and get warm and stay warm!
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Oh, Cassandra, I'm sorry! I hope he doesn't get laid off! Sending good vibes/prayers from GA!
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Sending prayers he won't get laid off! Ted has been laid off In Sept and he is still off.
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Cassie, sending good vibes your way that he can keep his job.
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