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Saturday!! What are Your Plans?

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Morning all!!!!

Cloudy and cool here this morning, looks like we are in for rain sometime today..

Heading off to work shortly, hopefully be done by 4 if nothing comes up. I have to go grocery shopping, and to the pet store afterwards...I also need to look for a couple of birthday gifts as both of my nephews have birthdays coming up shortly.

Nothing special planned for tonight, have some chores I should get done up so may work on my laundry and tidy up the house a bit..

Wow I have such a glamorous lifestyle laundry on a Saturday night.

The kitties are good, having some treats right now.

Everyone have a great day
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Nothing much today. Just off to the library for an hour to return some books and take out some more. When I get home I have to do my dishes and tidy up the kitchen. Then I have to sit down and spend a few hours at the computer beta testing some 3D graphic art resources. I'll probably spend some time laying down and reading.
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Josh and I are trying to watch a movie but one of the cords on the dvd player is not working so.........I think we are going to head to the gym and for a run.

He is going to stay at school to study and I am going to stay home and make him dinner
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I just got home from teaching my single private lesson (I usually have more on sat. morning but a stomach flu is going around and several of my students got it!)

Then I think I am gonna hit the gym, do the dishes

then is off to the spa for a facial...then up to my sister's so we can finish the favors for my OTHER sister's baby shower.
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I have to do a workout on the elliptical, then go to Walmart to pick up my new glasses and do some shopping. I'm also going to look for a "fake" engagement ring that I can wear to work. I work in a warehouse with pipe and wire and I know that my real engagement ring would get really beat up if I wore it there. So if I have a "fake" ring that was cheap I could wear it without having to worry about it getting beat up. Then tonight we're going over to Vermont to my fiance's parents house. And we might see a couple friends too.
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I have to mow the lawn, its a big lawn and not looking forward to it. Then I am going to take a soak in the whirlpol tub, I am achy from cleaning out the fish pond yesterday, well, frog pond, my folks took the fish to their other house about a month ago (was not living here then) had to clean it to bring in new fish, it was bad, really really bad. Then I am going to plant myself on the recliner chair, with many snack foods, and watch a "House" marathon. I will have a cat on my lap, she loves sitting on me when I settle in for some serious TV watching
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good morning to everyone!...

Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Nothing much today. .
...same feelings here, work until noon, furthermore is prettie cloudy here and menace of fall the rain to every moment...
In the night we going to asist at the weeding of a cousin of my wife,.. but to tell the truth I feel so exhaust about the week,... I want to get to home to rest with the Fur-babies...

Happy weekend to everyone!
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Not much today, the usual vacuuming But tonight we are going to a University of KY football game
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Morning. Going to look at a house...I am nervous. This is the first house we've looked at and I'm already overanalyzing everything. My boyfriend is in Gurnee right now at Bass Pro Shop getting a meat smoker.
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I worked until noon today. The hubby and I are having dinner with our neighbor and then we are all going out for karaoke tonight.
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Well, I slept in til 11:30 and since then I have been on here I am doing laundry at the same time though

I am going to a clambake in about an hour for a rescue group that I work with, well, ok, they call me when they find an FeLV positive cat I'm going by myself andf I only know 2 people that will be there so I'm very nervous I'm not a sociable person
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I went for a bike ride this morning, picked up chicken biscuits and Starbucks for brunch, watched the boys and neighbor work on the backyard fence (fell down during Hurricane Ike)--it'll be all done tomorrow!! We just got back from grocery shopping and then off to the Houston Astros game tonight!

Tomorrow: Go to church with my mom and stepdad, have lunch with them and my grandfather & aunt. Visit family and grade papers and do my lesson plans

Have a great weekend everyone!
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It was a pretty nice day today, cloudy but cool. We spent most of the day outside. John sold a couple cars, so we spent a couple hours getting them loaded. We also went and picked up a new litter of foster kittens. Today is John and my 3 yr. anniversary so hopefully we're going to have a nice relaxing evening together watching some movies!
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We woke up just before 8am (eww) and left for work around 9:30ish. I worked for about an hour and a half, just doing little stuff I've been meaning to do but cant find time to do during the week! Got myself 8.5 hours of OT this week. That's an extra $250 or so!

Then I went and helped Rob at work. I took stuff apart for him, and he quizzed me on how it went back together (luckily he knew exactly where which valve went and what order it went in because I was off on 6 out of 10 But I got 4 right!) One of the parts he needed wasn't fitting properly so we couldn't finish it up this weekend - he has to call the manufacturer Monday.

Came home and got ready to go on date night. Went to Applebee's to hang out with our friend Jeremy, the bartender (we knew him before he worked there ) We hadn't seen him in awhile, so we spent a bit there talking, catching up, eating, and drinking.

Now we're about to watch either Aristocats or Falling Down for our date night movie.
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I'm a little late to this thread.

I cleaned up my house a good bit this morning (the usual chores, vaccume, laundry, etc) then this afternoon I picked up my sister and niece and we got Bailey from the vet after her surgery.

After that we brought Bailey back to my house and set up her crate/etc, and I gave her another dose of meds when i got her setteled. I got started on a lasagna with my niece and sister and then I drove my sister back home so she could fix dinner for her other kiddos and husband.

When I got back my lasagna was done (DH watched it while I was out) and so we all had some yummy dinner! After that my niece and I spent the night taking care of Bailey and watching chick flicks while DH worked on his motorcycle. I just sent her off to bed about an hour ago and now i'm about to get some sleep myself!
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