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Do cats fur get fluffier over the colder months...

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Just wondering if I am imagining things .. This is going to be Lucy Belle's first winter .. she's turning one next month. I think her fur has gotten fluffier over the weeks. Could it be because it's already fall heading towards winter?
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I think they do. Plus, Elsa tends to pack on the pounds during the winter, and grow slimmer in the summer.
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I'd say she did pack up some pounds already ... spoilt rotten princess .. hahaha...but I love her fluffy fur! She's a short hair but her fur, oh my ... and it is getting even softer now..
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That may be also "adult coat" coming in as well. :o)
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Yeah. Mine have always grown a thick winter coat. Downside? They shed it all over the house in the spring.
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Yup, they do - it's called "winter coats".

If you check out any of the cat registries, most of the shows are in the late autumn and winter months simply because that's when cats are in full coats.
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Many cats will grow a heavier coat for fall/winter times. Certain breeds will keep the same coat all year round - rexes, oci's, orientals are a few. Sphynx's have no choice in "hair length"

Ling seems to get a little thicker in fall/winter. And she's 100% indoor cat too.
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Mine gets his winter coat and it is a lot thicker and fluffier, lovely. More grooming though as mine is a semi longhair and therefore more hairballs if i don't groom him. Especially when he starts to shed it.
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If you really want to see a dramatic coat change, find pics of a forest cat type ( Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest, Siberian) that lives in a warm climate, Maine Coons I think illustrate it best.

A mature Maine Coon in full winter coat is a sight to behold and can be a very drastic change from their lighter coats.
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Thanks everyone! I've heard about the winter coat thing, but I thought only medium to long haired cat have them. It's good to know that even my little DSH gets such fluffy and lush coat. Mmmm.... so so comfty, but when spring comes, I hope I don't have to deal with major shedding!
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Mine aren't shedding like they do in the summer, so that's when i can tell their coats are changing
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My cats always have. My Binks is right now getting fluffy once more. I think it has to do with the amount of sun light she/they are receiving other than actual temp.
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Mine sure do! They also got fluffier as they got older.

I thought how great kitty doesnt shed a but...then she got to be about 1 year old, now i own a furminator
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