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Just have to brag, sorry!

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Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to this forum stuff, so bear with me while I learn! I've been looking for a place to brag about my new kitty where someone will care, so I thought, if this isn't the place, there isn't one in existence! For my 15th birthday, a few months ago, I convinced my mom to let me adopt a cat. ever since I lost my Herculese I've wanted another kitty to brighten my days. I told my mom about the cats and kittens down at the shelter where I volunteer in the summer, and I sold her on the idea of rescuing one. That day, I brought home a gorgeous 2 year old I call Sasha. She's a tortoise-shell, and I just love her. But we've had some difficult times since we brought her home. For the first few days, everything went great, but then we had to take her to the vet for her check-up. she had an abscess by her tail that the shelter had missed, and would need an operation. knowing what would happen if we took her back, I insisted on having her treated, and since I'm a spoiled only child (I admit it!) we went ahead and did it. A month later, she surprised us all by having two premature kittens, both of whom died shortly. A week later, however, she had another two beautiful babies, whom we all absolutely adore! We've named our baby girls Turtle and Tag, which fit them perfectly. Sasha was recently spayed because of a uterine infection; the kittens are four weeks old today. Everyone is doing fine so far, and Sasha has calmed down considerably. I just love my kitties, and you can bet that as soon as I've figured out how to put my pics on the web, you'll be seeing them!!! I just had to brag about my babies a little, I couldn't help it. they're so beautiful, and I hope they make it. thanks for putting up with me!
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You get to brag all you want here. We love to hear all kitty stories. Sounds like she has been through a lot!! I am glad you took one of these less fortunate ones into your home and helped her. Do you plan to keep the kittens?
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WELCOME Michelle to TCS!!!

feel free to brag as much as you want, everyone else here does, we are
all very much in love with our cats

i am sorry to hear that you lost 3 cats, that is always so hard to hear,
i hope you are doing alright.

are you keeping these new kittens? i assume so, as they've all been named already!

i cant wait to see photos of all of them

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If we had more than two kittens, my mom wouldn't have let me keep more than one, but I told her that if we got rid of one and kept the other, the one we got rid of would always wonder why we didn't keep it, and feel unloved forever. I doubt she bought of word of it, but she's letting me keep them! yay! they are the most adorable things ever, and they love to play. Tag's favorite game is to run under the sofa until we come to find her, then do it all again.
We expect that Sasha did have a tough life before we took her in, as she has had a habit of attcking any feet that wander by. but lately, we credit this towards her getting spayed and the kittens getting more independant, she has calmed down. we all just love our kitties, and my dad told me he'd teach me to post pics up soon!
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[Welcome Michelle, Sasha, Turtle, and Tag!

If you love you're gonna it here!

What a great story! How cool for you that you adopt an adult cat and get 2 more as a bonus...kinda like Buy 1 get 2 Free!
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

You sound very mature and intelligent for being only 15 years old, and it sounds like you're crazy about your cats!

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It's more like a buy one, get three free. we went back to the shelter the day after having Sasha spayed, and they were so wonderful! not only did they agree to have their vet spay/neuter them, plus give them their shots for free, they also refunded the money we spent to adopt her! They're our saviors, and I can't wait to get back there as soon as school's out to volunteer! I swear, volunteering there is the best thing I ever did. It gives you the best feeling knowing that you've helped save a life that day; I really reccommend trying it out. Thank you so much to all of you who have made me feel so welcome! this site is great! (that's it, I'm hooked)
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Boy do I admire you for volunteering at such a young age. I only got into volunteering when I was 26 (now 30) and it has made such a huge difference in my life. There is nothing like the feeling of unconditional love that you get from it. And, making a difference one by one is such a great thing. I used to have the idea that if I couldn't save them all, I shouldn't try but boy, was I wrong. I am doing it one life at a time and boy is it great.
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and feel free to brag anytime!

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Welcome Michelle!

I commend you for your volunteer work. You sound like a person with her head on straight, especially for 15 years old. I wish more kids would follow in your footsteps.

Congratulations on your babies! They are a hoot to watch, aren't they? Sometimes I watch the kittens at our rescue organization and I actually get tired they have so much energy!! Are you planning on spaying mama too? Maybe the vet will give you a group discount.

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It sure sounds like your Sasha and her kittens have a wonderfull loving home. All the best with them.
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What a wonderful shelter and how generous of them to refund your money for merchandise that was far from defective! :LOL:
They say what goes around, comes around, and you volunteering to the shelter and giving of yourself, has come back to you 3fold!
Kudos to your folks too, for raising such a great daughter!
Enjoy your expanded family!

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Our shelter is great, and thank you to all you guys. I swear, I like sharing with you guys even more than most of the girls from school; they just don't get it. thanks so much!
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