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Sirius...and picture shoot invader!

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So I figured I would get some more piccies of the little boy, seeing as he won't stay small forever (he's a 'whopping 4.2 lbs' right now)...He also got his first 'official hair cut'...just a simple lamb (or fluffy leg) cut. Considering I'm eventually going to keep him in some fancy schmansy poodle cut later on, I definitely need him to get used to the clippers, scissors, etc, now...not when I'm ready to really start focusing on his 'beauty'...haha...



We had an invader...a jealous one...

a jealous kitty who likes puppies...even if they do nibble on ya once in a while

Toooooo cute together! Latifah and Sirius "end" their first official photo shoot together...even though it 'was' supposed to be just Sirius
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Those pics are great!!! Sirius looks super cute with his little bow
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Aww I LOVE the last pic!

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So cute!! Sirius really does love taking photos, doesn't he?
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Yeah...Siri is quite the ham already... Of course, you should have seen the kitty before she finally invaded could just see it in her eyes "what about ME????" She was just itching to get in on the action...and of course who could resist her? Lol!

That cute bow lasted one night...Lol!!
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Aw, he's cute (even with the bow...)

Personally, I prefer poodles in puppy cuts... they look more like dogs and less like fashion accessories that way.
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Well, I think it's because I'm a groomer, but I love doing dogs like poodles in all the 'other fancy' cuts other than the same old fluffy legs or puppy enhances scissoring skills much more when you have more areas to scissor, and 'form'.

And even when my boy is in other cuts, he will definitely be a 'dog'...not a fashion accessory, even if he might be a fashion statement for our grooming will still enjoy getting dirty and playing with his buddies in daycare.
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Oh my god he is SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!
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Isn't he?? Lol!!! Gotta get more pics of him...he's growing so fast!!!
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