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Smoking around kitty

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Does anyone know what affect this has on a cat, smoking around them? I would like to convince the bf about this but I have not been able to find enough info to prove that it has an affect. I am sure that it cannot be good for him at all. Obviously I would prefer that the house was none smoking, I know if bf thought that it was having a negative impact on Al, he would stop. Does it affect them as it would us humans? Also my kitty had a uri a while ago so would that be an added issue? Thanks if anyone can advise.
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I found that right off the bat. If you use Google, you could probably build an overwhelming portfolio of evidence from trustworthy sites, if he doesn't listen to that link alone.

Good luck, I for one detest smoking.
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It's been linked to lymphoma in cats.
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Cats have a delicate immune system, evolved in a world where there were no unnatural chemicals. Any input of chemicals is a problem. Smoke is a big problem, as are many cleaners, perfumes, etc.
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I have been trying to get my brother and my mother to quit smoking. I can'twait until I live on my own and my pets don't have to be subjected to that.
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Smoking probably is worse on smaller animals/humans. Their lungs are not as big and can get affected faster. It would be the same problems on a worse scale as humans - asthma, coughing, hard to breathe and a very STINKY smelling cat as the fur would be like clothes and absorb the smoke.

I really feel sorry for any pets that have to live 24/7 with a smoker in the house. I can leave, the cats can't!

I'm SOOOOO glad they banned smoking from all cat show halls. What's the sense of washing and grooming your cat and then taking it somewhere that smoking is allowed and your cat comes home sneezing/coughing and smelling like an ashtray!
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Well, since cats cant smoke themselves, it must be bad.
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Aside from second hand smoke, the particles also land on cat's fur. And when they groom, they will at the same time ingest whatever poison it is in tobacco smoke. Very bad for them.
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Originally Posted by urbantigers View Post
It's been linked to lymphoma in cats.
I had read something along this line after Siam was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma. My DH smokes cigs and I hate to blame him because he loved Siam with all his heart also. But it makes me wonder. I sure know it can't be good for them, it's not good for anyone.
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How about he show respect for *you* and not smoke inside?
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Originally Posted by Althekitty View Post
Thanks if anyone can advise.
As someone who smoked for 38 years before quitting 7.5 months ago, I think I'm in a position to offer some advice.

You should tell your boyfriend to take his nasty cigarettes outside; that you won't put up with them in your house anymore. If he wants to kill himself, that's his choice. But, it is not his choice to inflict the smoke on you.
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To be honest, just out of respect for you, he should not smoke in the house if you don't want him to. I smoke and my boyfriend is a non smoker, he says he is fine with me smoking around him, which is fair enough, he's able to voice that opinion, with the knowledge, my smoke could harm him/ get in his clothes and hair etc.

But yeah, with us cat-sitting for a while, I'm not going to smoke around the cat, the same as I wouldn't smoke around any human who hasn't said they're cool with it. The cat can't really say, 'Yeah sure, I'm fine with my coat stinking etc.' even if he doesn't mind.

I'm fully aware what I'm doing to myself with cigarettes, and that I've made that choice, but it wouldn't be fair of me to assume others want to inhale my smoke/ fumes, whatever. I dunno, I just think it's manners not to smoke around any person or animal unless they're ok with it.
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Thanks guys, it has worked!!! He was mortified when I told him about the lymphomas in cats that have a direct link to cigarettes. After reading your replies I didn't have to say anything, he just said 'right, no more, if i wanna have a fag I will go outside, it's not fair'!!!! He loves our cat and would never do anything intentionally to harm him. Its just easier to hear others points of view without my constant nagging. Thanks so much, I know Al will be grateful too, I have a big smile on my face. Thank you all again x
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Sounds like you've got a pretty good boyfriend there!

It's great that he made the decisions.
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That's really good news!! So happy for you, your lovely cat and your boyfriend too!
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I am sooo happy. He has stuck to it too!! Out he goes for a fag, just out he goes, no fuss. Also he has cut down a lot so fingers crossed, he will be smoke free soon. Thanks again x
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So happy he sees your point. I used to bea heavy smoker myself, and so glad to have quit 3 years ago. maybe he will think about its impact more
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What about smoke from fireplaces? Most goes up the flue, but some stays in the house. Does that pose more of a health risk to cats than people?
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I would not think so - for one, its a totally different kind of smoke. And you would have very little staying in the house. Most people open a window if its too strong.
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While I'm sure smoking isn't good for cats, I know a cat-lover who smoked most of her life and only quit smoking a few years ago...her one cat lived to be 21 or 22 and was pretty healthy. The other cat is 16 or 18 now and is playful as a kitten. The smoke didn't really hurt the cats' health....It did a lot of damage to their mommy's health though

It seems like you have everything fixed now though...good to know. I hope your boyfriend can quit!
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I smoked for 38 years The last five years or so, I went outside to smoke at home. It's really not that big of a deal. We know that the smoke is really annoying to non-smokers. Trust me, your boyfriend is well aware that his smoking is increasingly making him live the life of a social outcast.

Making your own house smoke-free actually helps cut down on smoking a bit as sometimes you just don't feel like getting up and going outside. It probably cut my smoking in half. Whether or not that set the stage for quitting, I don't know. I never gave a moment's thought to quitting until I lit my last cigarette, took one puff, decided to quit, snuffed it out, and that was that.
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Here's a link to some informaton on the effects of smoking on cats and dogs:

And, for humans thinking about quitting, there are links at the left of the page to all kinds of free information. Best stop smoking site on the internet.
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