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My Ragdoll could be friendlier... suggestions?

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So I got my awesome seal point ragdoll from the breeder at about 16 weeks. I had her keep the cat until I was off work so I could spend all day with him. I took him home and kept him in my room away from my other animals. The day I picked him up he had gotten a winky eye, and then he had a goopy ear... the works. However he was always playful, and the minute I sat on my bed he would jump and start puring and rubbing his head all over my face. Each night he would sleep with me. After a week I took him to the vet, and then back to the breeder so that she could give him his bag full of meds for 2 weeks while I moved into a new apartment. After the 2 weeks I picked him up and drove him for an hour to my new apartment. Since then he hasn't been as friendly. I'm hoping its because he's just going through the stage of being a brat. He doesn't often like being petted, and doesn't ever sleep with anyone. He never sits in anyone's lap either. He does however sleep on our desks next to our keyboards, or on random spots all over the floor. I'm kind of worried that he is too hot all of the time because he always likes to lay down on the freezing cold tiles in front of the fireplace and the front door. I'm hoping this is the reason for his "unfriendliness". He is most affectionate, if at all, in the morning when we wake up, and he lets me pet and scratch him then.

Apart from that, he does like to bite feet and hands a lot. I'm working on fixing that. We also found out he got flees somehow even though he is an indoor cat and never came in contact with other animals. His winky eye has always been a problem and leaks boogers on a regular basis. I'm going to take him to a specialist to see if there is something wrong with his eye. I also plan on getting him a cat tower to help with his "freak outs".

So I guess I'm asking if he could be too hot to want to cuddle, or if he's sick, or if he's bored. I'm not sure if anything is wrong with him or what I should do. I just want my ragdoll to be my cuddle-cat.

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My Ragdoll is a bit like yours is. I think because they mature so slowly they stay kittenish much longer. My cat follows me around EVERYWHERE, but he doesn't really like to be picked up or carried. He's still such a kitten - he has his crazies too, and he's about 2 1/2 years old. He'll get used to you
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I guess it all depends on your point of view. My little feral kitty has started following me around and sitting on a stool next to me at the computer. I think it's the biggest "breakthru" in friendliness ever!

Every kitty is different. My last one (bless his soul) was becoming more and more affectionate at age four, including the very first time in four years he ever sat in a lap without bolting. He would sit next to you for belly rubbin' all kinds of affection, but no laps. Never.
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I do know kittens dont stay put for long. And all that moving back and forth had to be rough. I think you just gotta wait it out and keep giving loves.
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That all sounds pretty good. He's laying next to my keyboard as I type. I can pet him, but no purrs. =(

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Well, Smudge only purrs when he's in the garage, in my car (don't ask) or in a leather chair. He's a really weird kitty!
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I would just give him time. Poor thing went to your new home, then back to the breeders, then back to you in a short time. He's probably more confused then anything really wrong with him.
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I guess I'm just trying to say that many people (myself included) think that in getting a purebreed, that we are getting a standardized cat. Of course, they are FELINE, LOL, which means they are all as individual as people, IMO. I love my Smudgey; he's a huge dork that races all over the house, then lies down and grooms for an hour. But he's not quite what I thought I'd get with a Ragdoll. But in all ways, he IS better than anything I could have imagined.

I hope you share your journey with us!
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My Friday lays on cool tiles too. He won't sit in my lap unless it's really cold because he does get too hot. You might be onto something with that. I also suspect age has something to do with it. When they're young they are more interested in play. I've noticed that most cats seem to get more affectionate around the age of two. They're less interested in speeding through the house by then!
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We have multiple soft spots and beds strewn all over the house, but Smudge prefers to lie either in front of the bathroom or just on the floor beside hubby's recliner.

A moth got inside last night, and, wow, 13 pounds of very speedy Ragdoll is something to behold!
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I agree with goldenkitty, your cat needs time and has been through a lot. Backwards and forwards and to the vet and not very well and still so young!! My kitty wasn't all that interested when he was a kitten, everything was on his terms. Patience here is the key and he will come to you in his own time. Once he has settled down and got to know you I am sure you will be close. All the best
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Blossom was a wild child in the 1st year of her life. My son rescued her at 3 w/o so she's only known us but once she was mobile she would attack our feet & ankles whenever we walked past her. Not to say that she doesn't have her moments now at 2 y/o. She's not a very affectionate cat, won't sit on my lap although she sleeps on my bed at night. She hardly purrs, not that I can hear, she's a silent cat. She would attack my hand when I gave belly rubs until I got to learn her body postures & now I stop just b4 she attacks.
As for your kitty's health problems, I think that is a concern, the breeder should have sold you a healthy cat. I know you're very attached to him, but a good breeder would offer to exchange for another kitten & a refund. Sounds like he could get expensive.
Blossom has had bad reactions to vaccinations & the last time when she was unwell her ears were very hot to touch. So now if I think she's sick I feel her ears.
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As for the 'no purrs'... Hennessy's purr is usually VERY quiet. As in I'd have to lean in to hear it.
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