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Wet food or Dry?

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It seems there are a lot of debates over feeding wet or dry food. My two cats eat both, although they show a huge prefernce for wet food. I think this is great, but now I'm confused over how much wet food to feed...
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It should say on the can how much to feed, but you can really tell if you weigh your cat regularly-- if they gain then feed less, if they drop weight, then feed more.

My cats eat mostly canned. They each get an eighth of a cup of dry per day and usually don't even eat all that. I try to give my 6 month old kitten as much as he wants and try to limit my adult cat but it doesn't always happen like that
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My cats eat only dry food, as they were given wet when they were kittens and their stomachs didn't agree with it.

That said, my Dad gave them half a wet pouch each and I think that they were alright, so it might be worth exploring in the future.
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Mine eat only raw, no dry so I voted for 'wet'
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I have recently made the transition from only dry to dry and wet and now only feed wet.

I have noticed my kitties look even healthier on only wet and ALL inappropriate peeing has completely stopped.

I have always fed ultra-premium food (Innova, Cal Nat, Merrick, etc) and I'm blown away with the difference since only feeding wet. I thought it would be hard for the kitties to transition, but EVERYONE (all 7 of them!) ate great right away once I removed the dry food.
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If you want to see a thousand people who have switched from dry to wet for health reasons go to The people there will tell you that their cats got diabetes from eating dry food in the first place.. Dry food is not allowed within 5 miles of my house!
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I wasn't sure what option to tick as I'd say I feed predominantly wet rather than wet or dry or wet only. I ticked wet only because Jaffa has only wet and Mosi has mostly wet with just a little dry, and he will have only wet when he's a bit older.
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Little Sunny is on a predominately wet diet. He gets as much as he wants to eat (within reason) because he's still growing. I always have dry sitting out for him and he does nibble on it quite frequently.

For their morning snack, I give my ferals some of their favorite dry food.
They eat wet food mixed with the dry food in the evening. I put supplements in their food to keep their immune systems strong. They love the mixture.

We do feed our Sunny and our ferals very good food.
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I have a high quality dry food available 24/7 (I don't have ONE overweight cat. All my cats are at a very healthy weight, and I free feed). And they get wet food everynight.
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I feed dry all day (free fed) and they have wet in the morning.
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i feed both. of the 5, 2 will not eat wet - 1 of those is my senior. so i feed a fairly high quality dry, plus wet in the evenings for the 3 who will eat wet.
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I would feed 100% wet food if I could afford to. If I fed something super cheap I could do wet-only, but I don't want to feed something with poor ingredients.

Right now they eat 1/4 cup of dry food + 3oz of wet food each daily. Most of the calories are from the dry food though.

I used to have a water fountain to make sure my cats drank a lot of water but it broke. I am working on fixing it though.

As far as how much wet food to feed, look on the can for a guideline. You can also check out and they have a list of calories in different brands' canned wet food. I wouldn't be worried about obesity with cats who eat only wet food but it will help you figure out how much to feed. An 8 lb. adult would probably need 6oz of wet food a day.
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Free feed dry, 2x a day wet (mainly home cooked, canned would kill me)
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I feed both - feed predominantly wet though, but my 18yo never ate wet before coming here, so it is a battle to get some wet into her - I tried some different senior foods (she is also a tad on the heavy side), and she liked some, so I ordered more and she barely touches them now, so I have to mix adult food in with hers to encourage her eating. Some of the fosters get more dry food, it varies really, I have had some that have preferred dry and one of the females prefers wet, she hardly touches dry. Sadly the fosters dont get high quality wet, but I compromise by feeding high quality dry and treating them to fresh meat and premium food mine wont eat, my own get high quality wet and dry.
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Both plus homemade and raw ... all the early kitties ie my RB all saw past the average life for a cat and NOT one had diabetes .. one got crf at nearly 15 and another at 19 which I attribute less to diet and more to the fact that we have artifically extended lifespans ...
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I free feed dry and give the adult cats 3oz of wet each night.

The foster baby is free fed dry kitten food and given as much wet as she'll each 3 times a day.

The outside kitty that has apparently adopted me gets cheap kitten dry free fed, and wet twice a day (she's nursing babies and the park managers buy all her food).
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Ku Ku is very finicky, I have to feed her with both.
Dry in the mornings(and leave it out all day), wet in the evenings(approx 1/8 of 6 oz can). She does not eat much since I switched it to Hill's but she needs to be on "diet" anyways, so it all worked out good.
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I feed all dry, with wet as a special treat every so often. If I could afford it I would feed all wet (raw) but since I've got five giant cats (plus a little one) its just not in the budget.
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i feed wet and dry. i wish that i could afford to feed all wet, actually i wish that i could feed all home-prepared, but my kitties just won't eat it! i feed wet and dry morning and night. they seem to like both equally. i feed them wellness grain-free turkey and chicken alternately (the only flavours they like!) and oijen dry food. my big guy is on a strict diet and they get very carefully measured amounts of both.
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Daphne refuses to eat anything wet. Sebastian would love to eat only wet but likes the dry as well.

So, they are free-fed dry during the day and Seb gets his wet in the evening.
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I feed both. Wet food is basically a dinner item, dry food forms the basis of the diet. The funny thing is my three boys all have very different preferences re: wet and dry.

One would definitely prefer all his food to be wet. He'd drop the dry in a heartbeat but he'll take it when nothing else is on offer. One barely touches the wet food (and let's his wet food lover brother finish his meals). He used to like wet food more younger but he really loves his Innova dry. Oftentimes he barely comes to check the wet cup and only eats if he happens to really be hungry right then, and it's his fave-flavour. And the last one is a mixed, dry-wet. He's a good eater and likes both. He comes for the wet food very eagerly but does not overeat it like his hog-brother who feels like he'll never get enough.

The funny thing is, the chubbiness level and healthy eating habits are directly related to the preferences it seems. Our dry food lover is a skinny guy who only eats what he needs, wet food lover is over-weight and does not stop before cups are empty, like no sense. Mixed guy is in-between, occasionally over-indulging so we need to limit him a bit too but he won't eat himself into stupor.
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