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I know someone that bought a purebred cat and that cat had URI as a kitten and it cleared up. But then it came back when the friend bought the kitten, had to take kitten to a vet, kitten is on a supplement for life. And the kitten, now an adult cat, gets stressed very easily which makes more issues, making it flare up.
I have a purebred cat that nothing ever bothers her and she has never had a URI either.
If I were you, I would not go with the breeder who sends you pics of sick kitten and if you just want a pet I would make sure the breeder spayed the kitten before the sell. Just less for you to have to worry about and making sure the kitten heals up quickly and easily and you get to just enjoy your kitty as a pet and don't have to mess with surgery.
Be very careful about signing any contract, there are some less than stellar breeders - byb's and such -that make contracts in their favor to help protect themselves, but people will think since it is a contract it is good. Just be sure and read it and have someone go over it that knows something about the law. What this one breeder deems a major illness, you may or may not. It can get tricky.
You really just want a healthy well socialized kitten, and if you are buying a purebred I wouldn't settle for this breeder. I would go with Goldenkitty's recommendations as she has done all the legwork in finding a great breeder already. PM her.
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Many times the more overcrowded the cattery is, the higher the risk of URI and other contageous diseases. IMO I would NEVER EVER send or post pictures if my kittens were sick in any way. That says "red flags" in a loud voice. The breeder is making excuses IMO.

I gave you my opinion, my recommendations on this. Its up to you if you want to follow them. Been around long enough to know what good and bad breeders are.

I do know the cattery he's referring to (as he pm'd me) and I have looked at the website. I do not like their cats (type wise) and just the general feeling of a cattery I would not want to deal with.

There are a few Oci catterys I would not buy a cat from - and plenty of very good ones. Its not like this is the only Oci cattery he can chose from
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I just want to add that I agree on getting an Oci if thats what you want. There is no reason to not buy one just as a pet, that is what Holly is for the forseeable future. Buying a purebred is great because you know what they will be like and have a better idea of what to expect. Definetly get one if you love them already Holly is just about the best cat I could ever hope for, she is so loving and easy going.

The companion cat is a great idea. In fact, several breeders of Oci's I talked with before getting Holly said they loved that I had a Manx because Oci's and Manx get along well. Two breeders I know have both cats. So it should be easy to find a playful outgoing young cat for a friend to the Oci.
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You would need another active cat to live with an Oci (unless you had a dog)
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Originally Posted by tange1 View Post
1 ocicat is expensive enough! I think I could afford one but 2?
You could always wait a little while and save up if you'd like to get a pair. Once you get one you'll be wanting another so may as well get them at the same time
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For a shelter cat as a companion, I would go with a non caging foster system no kill group so you can talk to the foster family, see it interact in a family environment and know it hasn't been in a caged shelter and exposed to who knows what.

And with that note, sometimes adopting an adult retired breeder and kitten can work out well.

I had a pedigree kitten as a show alter and got a shelter cat as a companion. Both are excellent. I have been to the :pound" and foster shelters and foster if I want one although I can't see me getting into any other cats for showing except orientals, abbys or exotics.
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You could get the Oci, then foster with one of the local humane shelters to help you get the 'feel' of a potential cat, and if you like that cat then make the arrangements for adoption! Just make sure the foster is UTD on shots/tests and altered though.
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