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my cat threw up a small amount on saturday night and again this morning. this morning he threw up a significant amount and i noticed some unchewed food. i arrived home late last night and angus was hyper and VERY vocal for more than two hours. i gave him attention, but he didn't calm down. i'm wondering if my late arrival upset him b/c in august i was gone for ten days. maybe he thought i was leaving again? this morning he kneaded at my arm before i got up. he is still active, but felt warm. i plan to call the vet at 11, but i was wondering if anyone had any advice. i didn't give him his treats this morning.
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I'm not all that experienced in this line, as I'm only on my first pair of Cats, but I remember that we used to feed my Cats a certain brand, it was either House Cat, or Elderly, either way it was for cats who didn't get as much exercise as those who spend most of their time outside.

After they ate it, it went back out after a while, cookies 'n all, but they always seemed fine. I can't really remember if we took them to the vets or not, but that particular story ended when we changed the food that they ate.

We don't tend to give them treats, or more human orientated food like chicken or salmon either.

My main questions would be, how old is Angus, what kind of food is he on, how long has he been on it for, and has he been drinking much water? Sometimes they could be dehydrated.

That is, assuming it's food related. That's just all the experience I have with it, and going to the vet is THE option really, in case it's something more serious.
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I would take the cat to the vet. Good luck.
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I'm glad you were planning to phone your Vet and hope you took your kitty in for an exam. Sure hope he's feeling better very soon, please let us know!
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