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Was it love at first sight?

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Hello, I know this may sound silly but once me and my boyfriend had agreed we would get a kitty we went to the rescue centre. All the kitties were sooo cute but there was one that caught my eye. It was Alan. He was 5-6 months old and he was laying there aware of what was going on and his eyes sparkled. I will never forget it. There was a gap where his screen met the bottom of his pod that he was in and i put my finger to his paw. I played with him by moving my finger just poking into his pod and he followed with his paw and he was soooo gentle. He is a domestic, longish hair ginger cat with beautiful amber eyes. He is always smiling. I felt we had connected, that it was fate that had decided, not us. I couldn't take my eyes off him, he was the one. We were meant to go that day, it was in the stars. It wasn't plain sailing getting him. He wasn't up for adoption when we were there and they wouldn't tell me when he would be as it was on a first come first serve basis. So, every morning, I got there before anyone else and everyday I checked until finally, we took him into the 'meeting' room. In there they brought Alan through and he paraded around like he was in a beauty contest, purring and rubbing against us, head held high. I had to have him. Then he was due to be neutered and so we had to leave him there for a week. Then he got cat flu, it was cold and all the other kitties had it, bless them. I said I wanted to take him home to recover and they said that he might not like me as he might associate me with the flu and tablets and eye drops that I had to give him and also said that if I took him they would not be responsible for the vets fees. I said I would take him and I signed it of, and off we went. I looked after him like he was my new born baby. A few weeks later we went back for his neuter and they all loved him and said he had made a great recovery so quickly. He had had it bad, sneezing blood and was really unwell. We were meant to be together, he is a perfect part of our everyday lives, a family member we hold in the highest regard as we do each other. I know some people could think I am mad but I do honestly swear that there is more to our meeting than coincidence. Does anyone else feel that way?
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I don't think your weird at all, that is such a sweet story. We need pics When we saw Severino at a cat show, we had no intention of getting a cat, BUT we fell in LOVE instantly, and had to have him!
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I don't think it's weird at all either! Cats adopt us, not the other way around.

When I rescued Chynna from the bushes in front of my building, which was between 3 very busy streets, I had no intention of keeping her. I planned on taking her to the Humane Society when I got home from work.

I set up a litter box, and gave her some doggie kibble that a neighbour had given to me, and a bowl of fresh water. When I got home from work she was sleeping on my bed and when I picked her up she put her front legs around my neck and started to kiss my nose and purred up a storm. That was it. I was adopted and she is still with me today, 15 years later.
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Awwww that is so beautiful..... I, personally, love to see people who really love their kitty cats, like they are family. I always think of their cats as very lucky cats to be loved like that. Alan is lucky, as are you.

I would love to see pics of Alan.
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What a beautiful story I got all teary. I love stories like that.
Mary was meant to be mine.
Now I have another one. Renzo the runty who is my little chunky baby who goes everywhere with me. If I leave the room he sits and does a waah waah for me to come and pick him up.
Because Mary sees that I love him she loves him too. She grooms him within an inch of his life.
Sometimes the love can't be denied.
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Cats adopt us, not the other way around.
I agree!

It's been my experience that the cats who chose ME ended up being the most loving & sweetest cats I've ever had.

I believe in "bonding" & "fate", too.

Alan is one lucky cat! HE knew what he was doing when he chose YOU!
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I don't think I've ever picked out a cat. They've all been unadoptable fosters, or barn kitties I took in.
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I totally agree!

I didnt even pick out Kitty (SO brought her home for me) but the second we met it was love at first sight

We I picked out Holly, there was no sparks at first. My friend actually wass the one to tell me she was the nicest out of 7 siblings, and I took her. She is perfect for us. No matter how they end up in your home, cats do choose you somehow.
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Awww sooo cute, and I agree pictures
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It was like that with Mattie. I saw her on Petfinder and just knew that she was my cat. When I went to see her in person at the shelter, she was in a cage on top of the counter in the vet's office attached, separate from the other cats, and I didn't even go look at the others. She just sat in her cage and was super pretty, staring at me with this look like 'I don't know who you are but I wish everyone would just leave me alone' I took her home that day.
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Awww, your story was so sweet. Crazy? NO WAY! i feel like people think i am crazy because i love my cats so much, but i dont care what they think. My cats are my children & they get treated like family. I think that cats who have owners who are so in love with them are very lucky to be in such loving homes. there are some cats who dont have loving homes, or homes at all.

When i first saw Monster, he was 3 weeks old & i knew i had to have him. I went over to where the guy had him, & there were 3 more kittens who were his siblings. The guy told me i could take whichever one i wanted, but i told him i wanted the one i fell in love with, the one he had brought over to the store i work at. to be honest i wish i could have taken them all, the guy told me none of Monsters siblings survived. With Mittens, i truely feel that she was meant to be mine. When she was living with my boss, i formed a strong bond with her. whenever i went into the house(connected to the store i work at, my boss lives there) she was right there, meowing at me & rubbing against my legs. we loved each other, & now she lives with me. it was meant to be, definately.
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Absolutely. When I started looking for a kitten I had only one requirement. I wanted a grey & white kitten. Male, female, tabby, bicolor--didn't matter. There were three or four litters of kittens being advertised in the employee classifieds at work, and all had at least one grey & white kitten. I chose one based on the timing. I could pick up the kitten on my way home from my niece's wedding. All the others were going to be ready two or three weeks earlier.

I got to visit when Shareena was 5-1/2 weeks old. She was adorable. There were 7 kittens in the litter and I think she was the only one I really noticed.

Miss Patchwillow picked me. About six weeks after I got Shareena I heard that her sister was going to be taken to a shelter since her owner couldn't keep her. Of course I said I would take a second kitty. I met her after work at a mall parking lot. Miss Patchwillow came to me immediately and curled up in my arms. Then she yowled all the way home in the cat carrier. I thought she was going to be a very friendly kitty, so was surprised the first time someone new came into my house and Miss Patchwillow ran and hid under the bed. She's almost 18 months old now and still hides from almost everybody except me.
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What a cute kitten!
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Absolutely I believe in love at first site when it comes to our kitties.

We almost didn't go to the shelter where we got our kitties, because it was getting late and it was a long way away, but the counselors talked DH into it over the phone. We were just going to go "window shop," because even though we were talking about getting cats, we really weren't quite ready yet.

We were looking at the cats in their cages, and when we got half way around, Swanie caught my eye. He was in a cage on the floor, and climbing up it, meowing, just making sure we saw him, and once I did I couldn't even look at any of the other cats. We took him into the play room, and he went nuts running around looking at all the toys, chewing on the strings on my jacket, and just being the cutest thing I ever saw.

Cindy I didn't quite notice on the way around because she was alseep in the back, but they suggested her as a second cat (we wanted two). So we took her in the playroom and she flopped over on her side and kneaded her paws and purred up a storm when I petted her.

So not only was it love at first site, but it was also some higher power that made us drive out there that night. We couldn't have found two sweeter, better natured, wonderful cats. We love being with them, and they love being with us.
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I don't usually believe in fate but when i saw my Max for the first time at his rescue home i knew he was going to be my cat. He was 12 weeks old and absolutely beautiful and i took him home that day. I've also had to fight to keep him cos of his bad behaviour when i first got him he used to bite. He bit right through my mother's thumb once and he still fights with Frank, but ive had him for 5 years now and although my dad stil threatens to send him back to the rescue place, my mum agrees with me that he's mine and he's not going anywhere.
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Cats adopt us, not the other way around.
Exactly I am sure they are just waiting for the human they want to walk throw the door and then they turn on the kitty cat charm...
We don't stand a chance...
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I do find it hard in rescue centres, I know the people working there have bigs hearts and do their best but its not 'home', I knew I would want to take all the kitties with me if I could. Its just with Al, he was just 'the one'. My bf had spotted a different cat but I just couldn't take my eyes off Al. I read a Cat Phsycologist book and this may sound silly, but she talks about how your cat will look at you with love and kind of half close their eyes, have you noticed it? Well, if you do the same, you smile, look at them and then close your eyes and slowly open them, they do it back. Me and my kitty do it all the time . It is apparently a way of them showing affection. I just know we were meant to be.
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not love at first SIGHT...although Smidge sure was cute! About 50 cats there were cute!

After two hours of rejection by the room filled with rescue cats, one of the employees put Smidge in my arms; she put one paw on either side of my neck and nuzzled my chin with her chin. That was it; after two hours of looking at cats (and avoiding the ones who hissed at me or swatted me) my decision was made in 10 seconds

Of course she's perfect for me! She's got the total package.
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Yes, Yes, No, Yes, Not really.

With Ophelia, she was a rescue in the truest sense of the word. She was a ~6 week old feral kitten trapped inside the walls of our apartment building. We busted a hole in the wall because we could hear her very distressed cry. About 8 hours of watching the hole and futilely trying to sleep, a scared kitten poked her head through the hole. I saw her, said "AAAWWWW!" and Earl said he knew we had a kitten.

Trent chose us in the pet store. Yes, I know they are bad now, but I didn't then. And besides, I'm really glad we went there that night. He did everything he could to get our attention out of the other cute kittens, and it worked.

Ginger was a fate kitty. I have always loved calicos and torties, especially dilutes. So when Eileen mentioned in Cats SOS here that her cousin had talked her into rescuing a dilute calico and they were having a hard time finding a home for her, I casually said that I wished I was in Ohio because I would love a dilute calico. Well, about a month and a half later, Ginger flew 1000 miles to her home in Colorado. Every person who meets her falls in love with her, and the only reason I can fathom that Ginger Cookie didn't find a home in Ohio is because she was supposed to be here. So first sight? No, it was just a cute kitty in a picture on the internet. At first purr and first kitty kiss? Oh yeah!

Mojo was love at first sight for my husband! We always looked at the kitties at Petsmart when we got food or litter. Lots of cuties come through there. But something about her made him want to meet her and play with her. She was (and is) a hyper little thing, and when they opened her cage she BOUNDED out and into the play/meet room, climbed up his leg, and when he picked her up she calmly laid in his arms and purred. The Petsmart adoption staff were amazed - she didn't do that for anyone! She was the rock star of the Petsmart - everyone loved her - but she was still there a week later (when we determined that it was fate for her to come home with us).

Annie was also a rescue that I/we had no intention of keeping. She was found at a rifle range at a match I was running in the middle of the Pike National Forest. She would have been a light snack for something if she stayed up there, so down the mountain she came with the crazy cat lady (to be fair, the guys were gems - one had cat food in his truck, one gave me a box, one gave me a shirt for her box...they wanted to make sure she was safe and comfortable. I just happened to be the one with the "resources" to get her rehomed.). Then she laid draped down my shoulder on the ride home. I was hooked. I named her on the ride home.
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I think it was like that for my Zorro....we helped rescue him and his siblings from a bad backyard breeder(about 40 cats running around! all of which were not fed or taken care of properly ). I picked him up from his litter full of girls, and he just snuggled in, right at home, looking for some comfort amid all of the confusion and noise. Right then I knew he was mine

Heres a pic of him, not even a week later(hes about 4 weeks old here) playing in some of the cat grass we had planted for the kitties. He had already snuggled his way into our hearts, though at the same time showing us how much energy there was in that teeny-tiny kitten body of his. I swear, if all that energy was set loose at once it would be equal to an atomic explosion!
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Originally Posted by Meowers View Post

We I picked out Holly, there was no sparks at first.
After Salem had her kittens, I thought that Ricochet was gonna be my fav. But Jinx is the one who really stole my heart!

That's not to say that I don't love Ricochet & the others. But there's just that "special" bond with Jinxy. She is such a sweety!
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I don't think you're crazy

When mechas litter were born my parents neighbours decided they wanted to keep the "tiger stripped one" (that'd be mecha) and a few days before we decided we were definatelly taking one of the kittens they decided they didnt want to keep her anymore.
Also my partner was adamant that he wanted one of the black and white ones and when he walked in didn't even look at them lol
he only had eyes for Mecha (she was the only none black and white kitten in the litter)
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Trent chose us in the pet store. Yes, I know they are bad now, but I didn't then. And besides, I'm really glad we went there that night. He did everything he could to get our attention out of the other cute kittens, and it worked.
Same here for Trout
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my kitties seem to come to be by default. i either end up taking the wrong one home (but they stay ) or in the case of thomas, i found him when he'd been hit by a car. rushed him to the vet and then went back in the afternoon to check his progress. i asked what would happen and they said as he was so obviously a stray he would go to the local rescue. or, did i want him.

i was in temporary accomodation. no pets allowed but had won over the warden to have my 3 kitties there. so, i said yes! sadly i only had him for 9 months as he ended his life as i'd found him, in a car accident.

when i went to the rescue centre a few weeks later i was shown an array of cats who had been found on the streets. they were all gorgeous and then we reached the cage at the far end. this crumpled looking ginger cat was curled up in his bed and was displaying none of the confidence of the others.

it was most definitely love at first sight. we shared 5 years together and i wouldn't change anything about it apart from the end.

miss you janet.
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Originally Posted by Althekitty View Post
...I know some people could think I am mad but I do honestly swear that there is more to our meeting than coincidence. Does anyone else feel that way?
I definitely feel like fate brought me together with both my kitties. When I met Simba, I had gone to a pet store to look for a bird, but they didn't have any that I liked. But I saw this tiny kitten in a big cage, looking so sad and lonely all by himself, and I felt like I just had to take him home with me, even though I had never really liked cats. He made me into a cat lover.

With Murray, he picked me rather than the other way around. He was a stray who hung around my apartment complex. He stood out to me because he was such a beautiful Siamese. I said hello to him and the other strays. He must have realized that I was a cat person, so he decided to just run inside with me one night when I opened my apartment door, and he went right to the refrigerator. I fed him some lunch meat, and he ate an entire pack. (Simba wasn't living with me anymore, so I had no cat food in the apt.) I left the door open so he could leave, but he decided to stay inside, settling in to watch TV with me, and when bedtime came I just closed the door and let him stay. So I think there was a magical connection when we first saw each other and I captivated his attention with that "hello." I think it was definitely meant to be.

So, yeah, I can totally relate to thinking that it's more than just chance that can bring people and their kitties together.
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I have had that experience more than a few times; I'll just give a couple though; and no, I don't think it's ever 'coincidence' that we meet certain special pets...

Jade, my RB kitty was one of the first kitties my hubby and I adopted; we had finally come to an agreement to get a kitty, so we went to the shelter. There were many kitties there, but only one really caught my eye, and that was Jade. His name was Jasper at the shelter. Well as I walked by the kennels he kept poking his paws out at me; he had these gorgeous blue eyes, and long lean body with semi long hair. His look was one that I just couldn't turn away from. I took him out and he gave me a huge kitty hug, and if I hadn't been sold on him before, I was then, because not many kitties give actual hugs, especially ones that I have just met. Of course, he was with me for only a short time, but I wouldn't have traded that time for anything; he was our greeter, and my ever constant kitty companion...who afforded only me certain sides of himself. When I was gone for more than the normal 'work day' he actually would sit at the top of the stairs and yowl...which drove my hubby nuts, but even he felt sorry for him, cause he never thought a cat would miss a person so much.

My current love at first sight kitty is, when she and her brothers were born, we had no intentions of keeping any of them, but something drew me immediately to the tiniest of the litter; Latifah. She was the sassiest one in the bunch, and had all the 'firsts' as the kitties grew up; eyes opened first, first one out of the nest, first one to start using the litter pan, first one to start purring when you petted her, and the first one to start arching her back into your hand when you scritched her topline...Hubby and I really melted when she developed the saddest most innocent little face...and so she stayed.
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