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Daily Thread Friday Sept 26th

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Morning All!!!!

Sunny but a little chilly here this morning about 3C however it is suppose to warm up to about 18C this afternoon.

Heading off to work in a bit, not sure what I am doing afterwards but do have several errands I should run.

Think I will make it a movie night tonight, and maybe grab some Chinese on the way home.

The kitties are good today, sitting in the window right now watching a blue jay that is kicking up a fuss over something. We have a ton of blue jays around my house and they can sometimes be the noisiest things..They have a ongoing war with the black squirrels, which I will say amuses the cats to no end..
Have a great day
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Its a sunny but foggy start to the morning with a temp of 46F (8C). Supposed to reach 80F today-last warm one for a while as temps will then drop into mid-lower 60's!!

Errand day this morning wedding present shopping, then grocery store.
Working on 2nd load of laundry as my solar dryer (aka clothesline) used will be coming to an end in October.

Bought some really cool yarn last week and trying to knit a scarf to wear to the wedding tonite. I'll see if I can get it done in time!!

Work up this morning to have all the cats sleeping together in a big blob at the foot of the bed and Bobs didn't spend much time outside this morning as her and Grizzlie are snuggled together back on the bed and Bakkers is on the sofa in the family room.

Have a good day!!
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Wow - you're going to knit a scarf in a day? Impressive! I've got 1/2 day off. So being lazy is my idea for the morning!
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I spent almost all of my day at the vets office with my sister's dog Bailey. She had to have emergency surgery. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...53#post2426453

When I finally left the vets office, I stopped and got some lunch (well more like dinner) on my way home and ate a little bit when I got home. I didn't have any food all day so by the time I got home my insulin levels were insane...so I was feeling aweful. I ate and got my inulin levels sort of evened out and then I took a nap for a while. After that I watched the debates and had a little late dinner.
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