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The reasoning behind the name...(or so I thought)

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Alrighty... i'm just posting this to brag mainly! i love my children to death. I squeeze them till they make an exasperated meow/ gasp (don't worry i'm not actually hurting them )

In order, we have:

Lucipher: my proud mommy of 6.

Shiva, Luciphers sister.

Buddah, meowmys 'iddle boy!

Saliary (A kitten from Buddah, and Shiva): The fictional name for Motzarts sister. I heard it while watching simpsons.

Loki (Also kitten from Buddah and Shiva, same litter)

Socrates (Also kitten from Buddah and Shiva, same litter)

And lol Kitten, yes .. that's his name... long story short, a friend was planning on taking him so we called him 'jays kitten' and then when jay didn't want him it shortened to kitten and now he actually responds to that name... so he kind of chose it on his own

he's a straggler from the second litter. We tried to give him away to a friend, but by the time he was 7 or 8 months old I realized he was to attached to give away.

and a few pics from the second litter, showing everyone and their current names (with the exception of the ugly step sister)




and cute photos from the first litter, mainly Socrates, and Loki.




.... and the third litter (Luciphers first litter: Boo, Pooh bear, Kuwai, and Mocha)

Pooh bear:

and last but not least Kuwai! Japaneese for cute!



don't have a pic of Mocha on the computer right now. will work on that later, my camera batteries area dead right now and I can't find the charger.

So let me know what you think, I posted most of the pics in such a way that you could look through the album.
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I didn`t look at them all but cute kitties!
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You know what they say "In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this." I'm sure your cats appreciate the appropriate names.

You have so many and such cute kitties! Your house must get to be a mad house at times.

Oh, and it's not really important, but just for the record, Japanese for "cute" is "kawaii". Your name is close enough. Very good choice of name!
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Antonio Salieri was a prominent musician in Mozart's time. Mozart and his family mistrusted him, and he's cast as a villain in the movie "Amadeus."

Salieri and Mozart
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Wow, you have a houseful They are adorable, I Love Loki
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Loki is my big teady bear, he's such a suck up. Really a daddy's boy though! It's amusing, in the morning if I wake up and make noise/ talk to myself or Luci (permanent resident of the bedroom), Kitten will meow insesently (sp?) outside my door till I open it and either let him in or pick him up to say good morning.

Buddha Is my mama's boy! my knight in shinning armor. After he went missing for 9 days i promised him he could do no wrong! that I'd never get mad at him again.

Socrates is the 'gay son' of the family. I'm really not joking though i'm pretty sure he's full blown gay. When the ladies go into heat he bites there bum playfully but never tries to mount them. He's more interested in trying to mount Loki, he wouldn't dare try it with his father though ahah.

My house may sound wild, but its actually rather calm since the kittens left... wont be long though before the little ones are all running around keep in mind, i only have the seven, who are more content to sleep through the day, and keep my hubby up at night!
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