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Kitten love...

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Friends for life! My two white persian kittens cuddling....
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Wow -- they look SO soft! Like marshmallows!
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awwwwww how cute!!!!
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Your kittens are so lovely too!!! Gorgeous!
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Awww . . . too cute!!!
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Adorable, lovely babies, Krissi!

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How adorable! I wish I could sneak right in between your kitties to give them lot's of kisses!
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The Cottonelle kittens!!!! They look soooooo soft!! :rainbow:
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They ARE so soft!! and their weekly bath keeps them nice and white. They're the two cottonballs in amongst the other five that I have - a tortoiseshell the same age as them, one red persian, one red bi-colour, one black bicolour, and another tortoiseshell - all persians. Multicoloured cottonballs!
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