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Insight into Immunizations, namely CVRP

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Hi there-

Great forum, hope to post on here more often.

To condense a rather long story down, my roommate and I found an abandoned kitten. The little guy was quite scrawny and it was apparent that he was not getting sufficient intake.

Well, I ended up adoring the little guy and have taken him in. I would estimate that he is about 9-10 weeks of age.

I am new to pet-owning, but my roommate is rather well versed (he, too, owns an older cat).

The little guy is quite playful and energetic, much like your typical kitten. With that said, I am taking the little guy to the Vet. to be examined and for immunizations.

My concerns are the following:

1.) Immunizations- I am on a rather tight budget, being in Grad. School. However, I feel I can provide the little guy a better quality of life albeit with my tight budget, than roaming hungry on the streets. With that said, I have read that some immunizations are not necessary if the cat will be an in-door cat, which is what the little guy will be.

I am wondering what the consensus is on immunizations for such scenarios? I talked briefly with the Vet's office and they have mentioned a 5-in-1, all-encompassing vaccination called CVRP. Any thoughts or insight into this vaccination?

I feel I should provide him with the basic vaccination that will protect him against FLK and FIV and a few others. With that said, I do not feel I need to subject him to rabbies vaccination, as he will be an in-door cat, and the roommate's cat is indoor, as well. Any thoughts?

2.) The little guy has bad scarring on his nose. The skin is actually peeling off and is concerning me. He is often rubbing it and that only exacerbates the peeling. I am anticipating the Vet. to prescribe some sort of antibacterial topical to apply to his nose. Any insight into this?

3.) Regarding other nasties for these little guys...I have heard that worms are an issue often in abandoned kittens. I have monitored the little guy's feces and I am not seeing any visible reminants of what may appears as worms.

4.) Since we're on the topic of feces, I have noticed that he is having rather soft stool. I just took the little guy in on Friday, and my thoughts regarding this is a rapid change in diet to a healthier and higher nutrition diet, which can cause his absorption of nutrients to be adjusting rather quickly, and hence the rejection of many of these nutriets and therefore diarrhea. Obviously, I plan to talk this to the Vet, but am wondering if anyone has any thoughts behind this theory of mine.

Other than that, the guy is quite happy, as am I. I just wish I had more time to spend with him, but have been rather busy with the studies.

With that said, I do appreciate any help you folks can offer me, and again hope to become an active member here.

Best Regards.
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I don't think the rabies vaccine should be an issue at this time. My vet does not give that one until the cats are at least a year old.

The soft stool/diarrhea could very well be from the change in diet. There are others in this forum who can give you better information about things you can try to alleviate it.

Your baby is so lucky to have you.
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All kittens have worms & are wormed every 2 weeks until 12 weeks old then monthy until 6 mths them every 3 mths unless you use a spot-on like Revolution, which I use on Blosssom.
Blossom was a stray, actually she was dumped at 3 weeks old. She had a course of 3 vaccinations for baby kittens. She was fine with the 1st one, had a reaction to the 2nd & was a little better with the 3rd.
Whenever you change an animals diet it should be done slowly to avoid tummy upsets. The method us usually on the bag. A vet appointment should be your 1st priority. I took Blossom to the vet the day after my son brought her home.
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All you need to know about vaccinations

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