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Out of gas

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My little sister really needed gas and while she was waiting.. for 2 hours.. she ran out of gas. We had to take the gas we use for the lawn mower to where her car was and put gas in it. I did not realize how bad it is here. Most gas stations around here are out..
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Yeah, I know the feeling. I just posted a thread the other day about this. I live in Asheville and its been this way for weeks. Don't know why, though. Everyone else around us have it.
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I'm so sorry you guys are having so many issues with gas right now I hope ya'll are able to get a decent supply of gas to your area soon!
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We are supposed to get a large shippment of gas today. I hope so.
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Thats very weird that you guys are almost out of gas. We actually dipped below $1/Litre yesterday!
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I have seen some stations out around here, but it has not been too bad.
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So far we have enough gas here, just high prices. After reading about these problems, I have to wonder if the gas shortage will eventually spread to other parts of the country. My parents have talked about a period of time when they had gas rationing, and I think it happened during World War II.
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The problem is that most of the Southeast is supplied by refineries on the Texas Gulf coast. They all began shutting down Friday morning so they could de-pressurize their pipelines. In the next four hours, the wholesale price of gas went up almost a dollar and a half.

Some, but not all, are back in operation now and all should be in the next week.

Now, the real solution is to call your legislators and tell them you need new oil refineries built in your area so keep this problem at a minimum.
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Its only a problem in a few states. IMO those that are having shortages, really should pay more attention to the gas gauge and fill it up when its starting a little less then 1/2 tank - that way you won't run out sitting and waiting

Hope it eases up soon. We have no shortages here and I just filled the tank this morning at $3.35

BTW gas rationing was happening in the 70's
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We do not have a shortage here and the price I saw today was $3.65. This past summer, the radio station I listen to ran a contest where they called one city or town every day until we had called all 50 states. Without exception, every place they called was lower than ours in California.

Hopefully your gas prices will get lower like ours have. We do have oilfields and a refinery here but not as vast as in Texas.
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Originally Posted by Zooy View Post
Thats very weird that you guys are almost out of gas. We actually dipped below $1/Litre yesterday!
I'm soooo jealous!! it's still around 123.6 a litre!! cheaper to buy water now lol
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