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Terrific uodate on writing skills (very happy)

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I don't know if I told anyone this or not here. About 2 weeks after joining my GED class, there was a essay contest starting at the college. Well my teacher decided to make it a requirement to join the contest, though later said it was not enforced. I entered the contest and today we got to find out who won. Well I placed 4th on the contest. Originally they had not planned on having a 4th place but decided to ad it because me and 3rd place winner tied. They actually ended up going past the decimal point to break the tie. Third place scored 78.4 and I scored 78.6, two-tenths of a point separated us. So I got an honorable mention and they decided that Monday I would also get a prize because it was close and everyone else that won got a prize. Everyone is very happy that I placed so well in the contest. Oh and I get my picture taken Friday. It will either be in the school newspaper or the county paper.

Now second part of the good news. We did a practice GED essay today. Our topic was "Which makes a better pet..cats or dogs? And why?" The obvious choice for me was cats. After scoring was done she said my score was a solid 3 out of a possible 4. So I would have passed. Once they boys go to bed I will type in the essay that I did today for ya'll to read. If I still have a copy of the contest essay I type that in tomorrow.
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Woot!!! Congrats!!

It sounds like you're having a great time in these classes, and you're doing fabulously!!
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Fantastic! I've always thought you were a darn good writer!
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Congrats on the great job!! Perhaps a future career is in the making??
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You should be very proud of yourself! Congratulations!
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Congrats!!! You should be proud of yourself! I can't wait to read your essay if you can find it.
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