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I'm glad September is almost over... (long)

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This has not been a fun month... one might equate it to an emotional roller coaster... but this is not a roller coaster I'd recommend anyone riding...

So, first I find the suspicious mole... get it checked, they decided to remove it. I just finally got the results back... Benign, thankfully ... but I'm just getting started...

The day before the excising of the mole, I got sick... most likely the cold that's been bringing people down all over... fine... so, I end up staying home an extra week from work (the first week, when i found the mole, was a scheduled vacation time). Went back last week... on Thursday I gave notice at the library... with the mole issue, I realized that life is too short to be in a job you hate... so I gave notice... oddly enough, during my annual review... which was supposed to be the week I was out sick... go figure. but my stress level (and my gas bill) will go down in spades once I'm out of there...

everything's fine... still a little congested from the cold... it takes me a while to give colds the heave-ho...

Monday evening... about 5pm, I'm an hour from getting off work at the store (the job I'm going to gain a couple days at until I find something better). I come back from my final break after a long and hectic day cutting fabric. I started feeling off... sore and achy all over, with my right shoulder worse than the rest of me... and light headed... I just stood in one place and cut fabric... by 5:45, I took a step back and realized I REALLY wasn't well... I went off, slowly, in search of a manager... got permission to leave a little early and headed home... by the time I reached my front door I was shivering so badly I'm sure you could hear my keys in Texas... to make the rest of the story short, I fought a fluctuating fever, chills and all... my highest so far was 102.3 last night... I also noticed last night that the pain in my right shoulder was not just soreness from cutting fabric (I normally cashier and rarely cut, esp. all day)... it was swollen.

Crud. Crud. Crud. I'd made an appt for Friday morning for the doctor, but called and got in this morning instead... this was to look at the (still) infected ear piercing (yes, since July, it's stubborn as h*ll)... and see what could be done to boost my immune system (which is as 'spreadable' as an infected ear piercing can get, as told to me by one doctor two weeks ago)... the doctor looked at my ears, etc... and said it all looked 'okay' (yeah, this is an elderly man, I doubt he's ever had a piercing).

He was, however, stumped by the swelling of my neck/shoulder (basically where the neck hits the shoulder). He called an esteemed colleague in... who noticed there were small semi-hard (harder than the tissue around it) lumps within the swelled area... freaking wonderful. They ordered blood work, a follow up for tomorrow, and ultrasound... which, thankfully, I got in today... took some doing, but they crammed me in between other patients...

I headed off to pick up the antibiotics he ordered for me... heh heh heh... Safeway never got the order. And I tried calling the clinic and they are apparently closed... even though they're supposed to be open until 8pm tonight.

So help me God, October better be one a**-kicking GOOD month (preferably NOT my a**). I'm about to go nuts here...

And I also got a judgement from Oregon State Revenue... they want owed taxes from me for last year... seriously... if I'd HAD the money to begin with, I would have PAID them... but I don't... Dad, once again, will help bail me out of another financial stickie... I'm really starting to hate the government... and health insurance companies... but that's another topic.

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Feel better.
I hate Sept because its is bad luck for me.
That crud you got I had already last month.
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I sure can relate to how you're feeling. I've had one of THOSE months, too.

I sure hope you get to feeling better soon, and I hope October's a better month for you!
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Here's some vibes hoping you feel better, and that October goes atleast slightly smoother!!!
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I hope things get better for all of us that have had a crappy month!
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So, I finally got myself conscious enough to go pick up my prescription... I'd heard the nurse tell me the name this monring when she called to confirm it had been sent... but all I heard was '-thromycin' so I've been wondering what it was... mystery solved:


My insurance paid a tiny bit (it's a reimbursement plan, which I may or may not bother with... it was still cheaper). So the cash price is $48.49... I got it with the discount from my Ins. Co. at $36.19. The scary part about that price?: It's the Generic and it's only 6 tablets... erk!

I took my first one just now... the blister card has it all laid out... I wish all instructions were this easy. Take the first two twelve hours apart (I'll be up around 1 am anyway), then the third the same time as the first (so I guess the first three 12 hours apart), and then 24 hours apart for the remaining three... easy enough... and the printing on the blister card has which ones for which days... nicely done, Teva Pharmaceuticals...

My follow up appointment is at 3:45 Pacific Time today... I have a distinct feeling the ultrasound didn't show much... but I can now definitely feel one of the lumps under the swelling and it HURTS!!! I'll have a different MD today... ahh the way of a teaching clinic... especially when you have a fairly urgent issue like this... the pain is spreading... I'll let her know that... if the ultrasound results are nothing, I want to discuss with her having an MRI done... it's much better detail... I should've gone with that yesterday... but I will get the blood test results back...

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So they gave you a "Z Pack!" The wonderful thing about that stuff is that you still have enough of the antibiotic in your system after 14 days to be detectable and effective. It's the only thing that has knocked out the throat infections I get occasionally.

Now...I'm a worrier, and I would be concerned about the proximity of the infected ear piercing and the swelling and lumps.
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Ahh... but I only ever got to take one... my other thread on 'being AWOL for a week' pretty much explains what's happened.

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