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Foster mom spoiled? No way

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She gets high quality dry food and two different kinds of wet. Plus I give her a dish of KMR/goat milk once a day. Nah, she's not spoiled at all.

And what's up with this black kitten? He spends more time upside down than right side up.
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life looks better when upside down lol
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LOL! Max & Horatio... I swear those 2 when they lay down... NEVER lay on their tummies... they always flop down on their backs

Must be a Male thing
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That's a heck of a lot of food! Does she finish all the wet and say 1/2 the dry everyday? If she does, I wouldn't worry about her weight too much, she's eating more than enough!
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No, in fact that's why i put out two kinds of wet. She doesn't eat much of the dry stuff at all.

She'll eat some of the pink stuff (it's petco brand 'authority') and then she eats ALL of the nutro max pouch. IN fact, If I put out 5 of those pouches a day I'm sure she'd eat it all.

Usually what happens is the pink stuff gets a crust and I toss it out. i don't let it sit there more than a few hours. She does eat some, just not a lot and I have refrigerating cans. so i just throw it out when it gets old.
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ooooh! I see Siamese genetics! those white ones are going to look a lot like my boys when there older (IMO)

Beautiful kids! lol theres always an odd one out (figures its the male)
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Yeah I've been having a lot of comments about the colors of the white ones. There are 4 identical ones, and 3 black or grey tabby.

I think she had two pregnancies. I really do. The white ones are all much larger than the others, their eyes opened first and things like that.

Whatever the case, they sure won't be hard to adopt out.
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Nothing like variety. Cute kitties.
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Awwww don't you love it when you see them tucking in like that
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Hmmmm... maybe he's too young for this but... cats fight/play wrestle on their backs frequently... maybe it's a precursor to him play-fighting with his sibbies????!!! (( trying to find a logical reason here.)
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