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Phone Company rant!!!!!

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I don't get paper bills I get text messages saying what my bill is. I got the text on Saturday saying I owe $52.00 even but it's not due until the 24th.
So Sunday I pay the $52.00 so I dont forget.

Well, today my phone is shut off!

Apparently they sent the wrong amount and I owe $5.06.
Not a huge deal but it still upsets me.

So I go online to pay it and it refuses the card saying I've exceeded the amount of times I can use this card.... Now I'm getting angry

So I call them and try to pay it that way. Nope.. they won't accept the card. I told them I want to speak to thier supervisor as to why it was shut off because of THEIR error.. Not mine...
I get hung up and disconnected not 1 time not 2, not 3 but FOUR TIMES!!!!!!

So I when I finally get through to someone they tell me that when paying online I have to pay a min of $ another $5.00 to reconnect.


So 2 hours and $15.00 later, my phone is back on

I think I'll be looking for another provider soon
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Oh crikey! Sounds like your phone company is as good as mine!
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yikes that is terrible
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Too bad you don't have a lawyer that could get back your money. We have PrePaid Legal and they were great in helping us deal with the cell phone company who terminated us because "we were costing them too much" and we never missed a bill, never were late, etc.
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who is your service through?
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Wow! They cut your phone off because you owed them $5.00!!!!

I owe $140 on top of my regular bill. I pay the regular bill each month and give an additional $20 towards the outstanding amount. My phone has never been cut off.

However, if they were to cut it off, I would have to pay $26.00 each for reconnection of my cable, phone, internet because I have a bundle package.

If they cut your phone off for owing $5.00, change your provider. That's absolutely disgusting.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
who is your service through?

I should have clarified it's my cell phone.
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I just signed up for AT&T iPhone plan and if anyone else has one, please check your bill properly! They bill according to their biling cycle and if you sign up towards the end of the cycle, they still bill you for the while period. It's called a prorated bill or something and my first bill came out to about $350!!!!!! Crazy.!!! I called CS and had them revised it .. it's a real hassle!
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