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Upper respiratory infection

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OK so i just found out buddy my youngest cat has a URI, i want to know what would happen to him as he gets older.They gave me some medicine a while back but the vet didnt tell me what it was for just said to give it to buddy twice a week.Now im running out of the medicine and dont have enough money to take him for a check up.I just wanted to know what would happend to him in the future? Any input is appreciated.
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URI is not a chronic thing. One course of anti-biotics *usually* takes care of it.

Is he exhibiting any symptoms, like sneezing, runny nose, etc?
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Hi, when i adopted my kitty from the rescue centre he stayed there as he was due to be neutered. In a week he had got cat flu really badly. His neuter was cancelled and the centre said they would keep him till he got better. I said no as he was with loads of other cats that had it so he prob wouldn't have shifted it in ages. I took him home and he wasn't a well kitty. He was sneezing blood and had an ulcer on his tongue and he was down. He had eye drops and anti-biotics. I kept in constant touch with the vet and they were happy with his recovery. Fluids are hugely important for them, really really important. I would put some tuna in lots of water (not tuna in brine/salt) and he would eat it that. Kept him warm. It took about two weeks for him to recover. How is buddy? Is he sneezing? Is he down or active and playing? Is he eating? Is his nose running? I believe, i could be wrong that once a kitty has a uri they can be carriers of it. I fell in love with Al at the centre and i was determined that he would be well. Two years later and he hasn't had a problem. Is he getting better do you think? You can call the vets for advice at no cost. Your vet will know how Buddy should be doing so I wouls def call them. I hope I have been of some use. There are some great guys on here who will no doubt post and have a lot of experience who will advise you. I wish Buddy a swift recovery and long term he should be fine, Al is!
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Thanks for the quick responses, He sneezes about once every other day wich i would guess thats normal.His nose is just moist not runny and his eyes are fine a little crossed eyed but clean and bright.He also plays a lot with my other two cats so hes very very active.
He doesnt seem to be ill or anything i was just concerned about him not breathing well or having trouble breathing in the future.
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I know what you mean, we were advised that our kit could be more prone to getting again. The cold weather is the time to watch out. If you let them out don't t let him out in cold weather and make sure they are warm. Our kitty has the occasional sneeze but that is it. He should be fine, if you notice any wheezing, shortness of breath, sneezing and wet runny nose, its a vet trip. I could not believe how quickly mine got the flu in the rescue centre and how bad it was. The vet was fab and he recovered quickly and so far., no probs. Your kitty sounds a lot better so I wouldn't worry too much. Take care
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I just got my kitten JoJo yesterday. He seems to be sneezing quite a bit. I thought at first it might be because of the dust under the tub he might have gotten into or the litter.

Any ideas?
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I have two cats and both had the URI as kittens. My oldest one will get a spell of it once in a while but sometimes it will go away on it's own and a few times, I had to get antibiotics. She does sneeze on a regular basis but nothing more. The other one never had it again. He has a tougher tolerance. It can reoccur when the cat is exposed to stress of any kind, like bringing a new animal home...
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