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OK my baay girl Vagabond is VERRY pregnant... I mean she looks like a snake that swallowed a rabit... anyways, she won't seem to be quiet unless I'm petting her, and she attacked one of my other cats ((2 month old female)) no less than 20 min ago. She's ready to pop and I wanted to know if this is normal.

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Salem, I would think yes, since she has lots of hormones in her system. But I would also see what some of the pro's here like MaryAnn (Hissy) have to say...
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*waits on the edge of her seat waiting for hissy*
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for the mom to be nervous and aggresive toward other cats. She sounds like her labor may be eminate. Do you have a quiet place for her to have her babies? A box in the back of a closet? Send us photos of the new babies!
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It is not unheard of for a cat ready to give birth soon to become aggressive towards others of her species, or even against her owner. If you have a place where she can go that is quiet, dark and warm that will help calm her down a little bit. She will probably stop eating pretty soon and then you will know that kittens are near. Be careful with her when she is in labor, as she may attack you as well, and don't handle her kittens right away unless she rejects them.
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The birth has started...
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Vagabond just gave birth to 4 beautiful little ones. I named them Nomad, Bunkie, Hobbit, and Rover ((as in "no man wants to see rover, wand'rer nomad,vagabond, call me what you will" from metalica)). I'll try and get a digi camera so I can get some pic's of the little beauties.
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I am glad it went well. I merged your threads so people wouldn't be left hanging wondering how the birth went.
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Thanks hissy! by the way... i was wrong... 4 kittens... and it feels like there should be one more..
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well she suprised me yet agian! 5 beautiful little ones... Nomad, Tass, Hobbit, Bunkie, and Rover ((respectivley))

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pictures are the best!
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Congratulations! And I'd love to see pictures as well!
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Congratulations! How are the mother and little ones doing?
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