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flushable kitty litter?

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has anyone ever seen flushable kitty litter? my mother-in-law said she saw some at the store but cant remember the brand name.

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we had some flushable kitty litter, but we didn't actually flush it. I don't remember the name (sorry!) but I didn't care for it much. It made our whole upstairs smell like a porta-potty. There may be a different kind that isn't so bad though. I would just try going to a pet supply store (we go to Petco) and looking for some that says "flushable". There will probably be some there. sorry I can't be more help!
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There is some wheat litter that is clumping and flushable. I'm trying it right now, and it seems to be ok. However, I haven't flushed it because it's easier for me to put it in the trash.

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I flush my feline pine. I really like it and it really cuts down on the smell. If you do have a septic tank, it may not be the way to go but if you live in the city then I would recommend it.
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I saw an ad for a flushable litter in this month's Cat Fancy. It's called World's Best Cat Litter. Their website says they'll tell you where you can buy it.

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I think it's from Tidy Cat. It comes in a purple box, and the word
scoopable is acroos the front. Something like that.

I used it... Once... I flushed it and after awhile my toilet
started to backup. It didn't smell bad, it just wouldn't flush all
that well. :confused3

I would not recommend it!
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