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Oh No Poor Belle

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As many of you may know we had a slight accident with Belle our hamster the other week

Well she was doing fine till just over an hour ago, she has been on a high self and been fine, the cage was secure

anyway we were cat sitting for a friend when the lil barstweard jumped on the shelf and knocked the cage off, Belle fell about 6 feet, my OH & I werent in the room just heard the crash,

I ran straight in and freaked and burst into tears, my OH thought she was dead she wasnt moving, I ran off before I threw up, her cage was smashed, suddenly OH realised he was breathing and told me, I ran in grabbed her and laid her in her one remaining part of her cage and we pretty much ran to the vets, she kept trying to move in the cage,
The vets were really good and rushed her straight in to be seen, Belle at this point kept moving and flopping pressing her nose to the side of the cage,

The vet checked her over and said she may be ok its 50/50, my oh said hasnt she broken her back or anything but apaerntly not,

the weird walking she is doing is due her brain swelling and bruising, and she doesnt know which is the right way up, she is confused hence her nose being pressed to the side to give her some feeling of security.
she gave her some injections, and said she needs to be kept warm, I asked if she makes it through what will she be like......
The vets words made me smile....she said, she will be a happy retard with a head tilt!

We have brought her home and she is due to see the vet again tomorrow, she is currently sleeping on a hot water bottle, with her nose squashed against the side

Poor girl, they say things come on 3s, I so hope not for her sake. But shes a fighter so fingers crossed for her,
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Awww poor little thing... hope she's better soon
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awww hope she gets better soon
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Oh Bless her heart She has been through so much
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Poor little thing.
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Oh my goodness, that is terrible
many many prayers and vibes for her
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Poor baby
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Naughty kitty

Hope that ms. Belle feels better soon! Poor little thing!!
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just took this, she is slightly more upright but god its so hard, everytime I look at her I try not to cry,
she doesnt know or understand, all she knows is she was blissfully asleep when she took flying lessons and now doesnt know which way is up down left or right
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Aww... the poor sweet baby! The video reminds me so much on my in-laws late cat Mo. He was hit by a car as a kitten and the lasting result was that he would circle to the left a few times before moving forward. I don't know why but it was so endearing. He went on to live a long happy life and just recenly passed at the a ripe old age. Lots of that she continues to recover and live a long happy (and potentially circular) life.
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oh poor little mite! for her.

she reminds me so much of my childhood hamster tippy. i woke up one morning to discover him walking around just like that. the vet reckoned he'd had a stroke. he did became slightly more upright but lived for another year like that. a happy retard indeed!
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Poor little hammy. I hope she's not in pain?
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Poor Hamster
I hope she will get better.
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Oh poor little Belle! I do hope she's not in pain... the way she walks in the video is so endearing though... Happy little retard Super cute
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Update on Belle,

She wil only eat cucumber at the mo, we thinks its because she is unable to use her water bottle and cucmber is moist (we cant put a bowl in for worry of her drowning)

She is very unsteady on her feet, her back legs being the worst, she pretty much drags herself on her front feet, and every so often she will get the back ones to move to then suddenly she will roll, normally with a frustrated squeak!
She was sat in my hubbys hands yesterday and tried to wash her self but kept falling backwards, basically she has no balance

the left side of her face doesnt seem to have much movement, her right eye is wide open and alert but the left is half shut and doesnt really seem right if that makes any sense?
She is sleeping a lot more, so I keep checking on her!

She thanks you yet again for the and hopes things really dont come in 3s,
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Oh, i hope the little guy is ok
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Originally Posted by gothic~mermaid View Post

The vets words made me smile....she said, she will be a happy retard with a head tilt!
That comment made you smile?!. If my vet said that about one of my animals i'd knock doors through windows with them!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
That comment made you smile?!. If my vet said that about one of my animals i'd knock doors through windows with them!
It was the way it was said, I had originally asked if it would have been kinder to have Belle PTS but the vet was adament, and she was right,

belles always beena bit dopey so when she said that i thought well Belles a bit daft (and very adorable) anyway!
also I was very dstressed so just to hear the fact she thought she may make it through kinda gave me hope

does any of that make any sense?
Dont get me wrong if she had said that about henry Id set TCS lot on her!!!
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Poor hammy i hope she gets lots of treats and gets better real soon!

How old is she , if you dont mind me asking?
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