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need to get these cats trapped... and moved....

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This has been the 2nd week that I couldnt catch cats for neutering.

I gave 5 hours last night in 3 different areas and nothing. There is a storm coming and i debated on trying again this morning.... figured if i failed last night probably wouldnt do much better today and felt keeping them for 2 days could be a bad time with a storm.

Im trying Mackeral next week cause i heard that works good. I searched the web for any other techniques and really couldnt find any good tips.

Any other advice??

Im still trying to move them past a small parking lot - its not busy - but of course my worst fear is one of them getting hit. So i moved the one dish this morning in the corner of the 2nd yard with wet food on top - Id say maybe 100-150 feet - but around a corner.
The one cat that comes up to me everyday followed me to the new area to eat. (He is sooo sweet!!!!) And then I saw a cat in the woods who noticed the food also. But of course the others were back at the old site.
If I actually pick up the food dish tomorrow when I know they are watching - will they get it??? I KNOW ive asked this before - (I did look back in my past posts for an answer to this. I had once asked about leaving a trail but that was in another location when I wasnt "allowed" to feed them - this location leaves more problems) Also no one from the organization Im working w/ has been able to stop by yet - its been 2 weeks and i just got frustrated and wanted to make this move now.

I want them to go thru the woods to this new spot - not around the parking lot. If they see me go that way or if i leave a food trail - would they make that same track thru the parking lot every day? I dont know how to get them to go thru the woods - i cant get back there.

Also, those that dont see me physically move it or dont get the trail of food (if i decide to do that) they should smell it right? Or get a clue from the others that the food has been moved? Up till now the food has always been in view of the last eating spot - I moved it very very close each time (except those 3 days of emergency feeding on the other street - and I know they didnt find that for more than 24 hours and who knows how many actually got to eat). I dont want to confuse them again.

I could be making this more difficult than it actually is - i just feel i need to ask before i do anything else for fear of putting them in danger.

THANKS... again!!!!!
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You must not worry. If there is only one cat following you that cat will bring other cats its a fact, LOL! Call it the kitty telegraph

Get a smelly trail of mackrel or salmon juice - get a can of it, blend it in
a blender w water, and use that you might need a quart or two of the stuff.

3) use some dry DOG CHOW to make the trail plus smelly tuna/mackerel juice (as described above) (dog chow retains smells longer than dry kitty food, attracts cats just fine that's why you use dry dog chow for the "trail" along with the liquid scent...)

4) make the food trail to the new spot, leave lots o food.

5) repeat same feeding same place for 3 days, move a little further
100 to 200 yards maybe? 4 th day, and then 50 ft at a time for 3 days, then a longer move of maybe 200 yrd or more - each time you move a long move, you use stinky food smell between the 2 feeding spots and you keep repeating every few days till Voila you are at your new place!

Its not as hard as you think.

The cats if even 1 or 2 follow, will begin to learn, and I bet all of them
show up for a feeding by week 2 when you should be settled in at the new

Good luck. As for trapping, if all cats feed in groups together, see if you can find a TNR (trap neuter release) person who has a DROP trap. Drop traps can help you catch 4 or 5 or more at one time. That will be what you need.
Individual traps put out 4 or 5 at a time will also do the job,
but you CANNOT feed the day before you trap - they MUST be hungry to go into the traps. Traps must be covered and watched, or checked on. Once trapped, cover the cage and remove to your car. Take to the vet / spay the next day, keep in cage with cover in the garage, bathroom, or worst case, back of your truck/car for 24 hrs (day) to recover properly, then release.

Good luck n keep us posted. Oh, and if you want to construct one - a trash can with no lid and one side cut out makes a good "cover" for food during rain. I use one, on its side (square kind, not round), and put a large bowl of dry chow in during winter and when its going to rain. Keeps food dry so cats
can come eat later. If you paint it with camofluage and use some branches etc to disguise, it can blend in well enough to not be seen by nosy
condo people... Fingers crossed n praying for you. Nothing is so sweet
as a ferals love for the caretaker/feeder!
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thanks so much- i will definitely use your advice.

I know someone with a drop trap - i will ask to borrow it since I know the ones I want and that will make trapping SO much easier.

I also like the trash can idea as well. Sounds pretty easy to do - i have to get a winter "home" for them ready soon as well.

One thing I want to ask- the last 2 weeks (that I havent caught any) I have put a sheet over the cages so that I could leave and come back- (Im only 2 buildings down now). I do this so that IF i did trap a cat during that time - he wouldnt freak out being in the cage (i know covering it calms them down greatly). I was also told to do this anyway - dont really know why. But could this sheet actually be scaring them off???
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My rec for trapping is always the same. Clean trap to get fear smell off. Spray just a little feliway at both ends of trap - a smidge on the wires near entrance. Put loose dirt or litter over bottom of trap so cats don't have to walk on wires - the trap lifts up through it. Cover trap with sticks/leaves so looks more natural and like it has an entrance and an exit. Then use something really stinky. Mackerel may do it. A lot of people have had luck with KFC, just remove bones and skin.

You're doing a great job - sometimes it just takes more patience than we want to give. Opilot gave you great advice!

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Try catnip -- we've just recently started using it on a colony with really hard to trap cats. Finally Big Grey Tom is fathering kittens no more!

Make sure it's the really potent stuff, the kind that your own cats will break down doors to get at...

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THe last 2 days the cats have waited for me in the area I want them to move from. They DO walk to the food (thru the parking lot). So they are eating - which i want of course. I just want them to STAY near the food - not go back to their old hang out... how the heck would I ever get them to not do that??

PS - i was also thinking of leaving a tennis ball for them. Do ferals play with toys??? Any ideas of other forms of entertainment??
Last week when I was trapping I saw one sitting in a tree branch. That was a shock. I know they climb - but ive never personally seen a cat in a tree like that.
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You are so sweet. You care so much for these babies. They are lucky to have you.
In my experience sadly, ferals and some strays don't play. I can't get Lucia to play. She doesn't get it and her life has been all about survival.
If you catch some kittens maybe you can.
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Today was a good day - aside from a bag of food ripping at the bottom and about 6lb falling onto the parking lot and curb.... I did clean it all up - that would be the worse place for the cats to eat.

All but one were waiting for me at the other side of the woods (where I want them to be)!!! If they continue to be there - it should be even easier from this point on to move them.

2nd (and i was really dreading this) the condo people came around for fire inspections today and I knew this topic would come up - my bf relayed the message - they dont know what Im doing but there are no more cat complaints and they are very pleased with the current situation!!!!

I know i cant get too comfortable w/this - anything can happen at any time - all it takes is one person to complain - but this made me VERY happy!!

THANKS again to all of you for your help and support. I know i can be annoying with my constant questions and freak outs. But you ALL have really helped me and i cant thank you enough.

now i just have to hope i can start trapping them again.
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Are you nuts? Questions are good, and you've hardly freaked out - stress is totally normal in a situation like you're facing. It's for stuff EXACTLY like this that TCS was created!

I'm so glad to hear things are going your way (for now). No more cat complaints is great - that it stays that way!

As to play? Since there's woods there, they've got plenty. We're in a totally different situation, but I love watching the feral kitties chase bugs or falling leaves and stuff. In fact, when people rescue ferals, good advice is to bring some of the natural stuff inside for them to play with, because that's what they know.

for all you're doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just glad you never gave up despite all the ups and downs. It CAN be daunting.

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when I get tired of being an animal angel I read these posts and feel inspired..there are other nuts like me loving cats and are my hero..
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