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Survivor - Gabon starts Tonight!!!

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And I can't wait!! I love Survivor! Does anyone else like to watch this show?

I have watched this show since mid season one when I found out a local girl was on it. I have also paticipated in an online version of the game and made it to final four. One of my online friends (the one that made the online version) was almost on it a few years ago. He was a finalist but wasn't chosen.

Wow! I can't wait until tonight!!!
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I love survivor. I hope they get some wacky personalities
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Last night was sooo good!! The teams are so lopsided though. That is what happens when you have a "schoolyard pick". I, personally think that the Gillian, the older lady should have been voted off first since she was so slow in the challenge. But they had to get rid of "stick girl" Michelle who was so skinny she would blow away in the first wind storm.

Who in their right mind wouldn't try to put on some weight before going on Survivor?

It was a good show last night and I am looking forward to watching every Thursday!
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I've watched Survivor since the first episode; I never miss it. The teams are lop-sided for sure. I know it's way early, but I definitely like Bob---the older guy (physics teacher) who's basically the leader of the winning tribe. I have to say, the dude that was sent to exile island (Dan?) wasn't the brightest bulb in the box. I couldn't believe he had so much trouble with the hidden immunity idol clue!
Can't wait to see what happens with this bunch.
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I'm in a Survivor pool at my hair salon and I'm thinking the person's name was that Michelle chick?? I'll have to call to find out!!
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