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I collect lava lamps, Betty Boop and Elvis figurines, concert posters, motorcycle and tattoo related stuff, and of course, cat stuff. And lots and lots of dust!
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I guess I'd have to say books, although I never really thought of it as "collecting".
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I collect "Boyd's Bears" resin figurines....over 100 now.
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Back when we had extra money, I collected Collectible and Limited Edition Barbies, and Beanie Babies. Hubby has a HUGE collection of Star Wars toys, even though we had to sell a bunch when money was really tight. We also collect NASCAR die-cast cars of our favorite drivers, Dale Jr., Tony Stewart, Bobby Labonte, Ricky Rudd, Adam Petty (RIP), Richard Petty, Kyle Petty (Think hubby's a Petty fan??) and John Andretti.
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KALEIDASCOPES!!!!!!! ...and books, I guess. I gave away most of my books when we moved into the RV, but we've recollected many, many boxes of them (all in storage).

But if I had a larger home, there are a lot of great things you guys collect! I especially love the water globes, too...

And Cassandra, I'm so sorry to hear about your house burning down. That must have been absolutely devastating.
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Books and Eeyore stuff (shirts, stuffed animals, etc)
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I collect Die-Cast cars (Muscle Machines, mostly), shot glasses, vintage cameras and movie projectors, stuff that reminds me of my youth. I also collect whatever catches my eye at antique shops.

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I collect vintage kitchenware (cookie jars, teapots, shakers, etc.)that depict fruit or vegetable faces! I've had this addiction for over ten years and it shows no sign of slowing (my husband swears they are breeding)!
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I like that on!
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Cathy I like that!

Let's see more photos of all these neat things you guys collect!!!
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I collet these
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close up
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yep more
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2 more
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last one
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Also picture frames
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last one
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Lovely Frames!
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Thank you! most only cost a doller or 2.
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I agree! Very nice frames!
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Thank you!
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My pleasure.. Friend
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Wow Sherral it's great to see photos of your collectables!! I love frames too, but don't have that many. . . yet!!!
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I collect candle holders I'll try and pt them all on my table and take a pic sometime... but I cannot resist a nice candle holder when i see one. I just got back from a trip to Australia and fell in love with the shop Dusk... *sigh*... if only they'd open a branche office in Amsterdam or Amstelveen...
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I collect shot glasses from the places I travel. My mom also buys them for me when she goes on trips. I have about 100 of them in all.
I'll try to take a picture this afternoon.

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I was good today.went shopping for my penpal and only bought 1 photo frame for myself!
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