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2/3 cats have hurt legs! ???

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So, I posted about my sick kitty Tipsy yesterday. Thanks for the responses!! Tipsy seems to be slowly getting better, so I am trusting that the medicine will work.

In other news, last night E.T. our orange tabby started to limp. He won't put any weight on his front right leg. sooo, we were planning on taking him to the vet this morning. We have NO idea how he got hurt, but figured he landed wrong when jumping off something. This morning, i just woke up and Tipsy is limping too! He's not using his back left leg. I have no idea what to do. Why would they both be limping?? Tipsy has been sick and barely moving around as it is (not doing anything) They are only 8 months old.

I don't know if I should bring them BOTH to the vet, or if it is sympathy pain. or if they have a bone density problem or something. I tried looking for some answers online and it said to put them in a small room so they can't move that much. and I will as soon as my husband gets out of the bathroom for work. E.T. is all over the place, speeding across the room on three legs, jumping on the bed. when we woke up he was on top the cat condo. Tipsy is meowing incessantly as soon as I pick him up like he is in pain. it is absolutely horrible. I will have to bring both of them to the vet.

my husband and i are living paycheck to paycheck and our poor kitties (what is going on!).

Anyways, E.T. just jumped up onto the sink in the bathroom, so, it will be very hard to keep him still.

Any advice or similar experience stories appreciated!
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sigh. so I have been sitting here for the last hour and a half looking through past posts about broken legs and quietly sobbing for my poor hurt kitties.

I finally had the clarity of mind to call the emergency vet (duh!). He told me that if we took them in there was a VERY good chance they would just take x-rays and then tell us to bring them home and try to keep them still/quiet. He said to wait a couple days before bringing them in and they will be ok. sigh.

There is no swelling or anything, so I hope God just heals them right up for us.
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I would examine the legs carefully. Feel them carefully up and down their entire length. If you come across a spot that is painful, don't be surprised if the cat nips at you, so do it carefully.

If you don't find localized pain, it may just be a pulled muscle or a sprain. Watch for any swollen spots that might be an abscess. Check the pads and claws, too; sometimes cats will even pull a claw completely out, or get an infection in their pads or between their toes.

I would give it a couple of days to see what happens. If they don't resume using their legs normally, then it's time to see a vet.
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