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I wrote a poem when I was 11 about my first cat (who I had from the age of 4 until 20) and sadly, I lost it. I was always one of those kids who liked to spend more time with animals then people, and so, I learned about from them. I thought I would write it out as best I could, and I figured I might as well share. please no laughing lol I know its rough but I was just starting writing back then, and if I clean it up to much, it wont be the same.

Slowly she sinks into the grass,turning her head left then right,
I sit, worried she's about to pick a fight,
Suddenly her ears prick and move back,
I turn to look, but I lack her tack,
From a tree a bird has come to land,
I watch her twitch, my heart in hand,
I wait for her to pounce, but still she lays,
I shake my head, wondering if this is some sort of play,
then, she pounces, quick as light,
I stare in suprise as there is hardly a fight,
It strikes me then what I've just saw,
a lesson taught without flaw,
She took her time, and then she won,
on top of that, she played, and she had fun.