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Help! I don't know what happened?

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We have 2 cats. One is a very outgoing, runs when she hears you in the morning, especially when you are feeding them, loving cat. The other is very introverted, scared of everyone, and you have to force her to eat.

Last night something happened in the middle of the night. There was a loud noise, and when DH opened the door a gift bag with a cat inside came running toward him. (Inside was the little shy cat). Everything looked fine in the living room where they were.

This morning DH gets up, and our outgoing cat is nowhere to be found. It took us a half hour of looking to find her hiding behind the couch. She wouldn't eat. She's very very jumpy, and DH had to force her out from behind the couch. She looks okay, and is walking fine, but she keeps looking around for something. It has me concerened.

The little shy cat has no concerns in the world, and actually she ate breakfast with no problem (the opposite of what happens every day).

What do I do? Do I call the Vet because she's acting weird? Do I leave them be and see what happens?
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HMMM maybe aliens came in the night and switched personalities

But I think you should just leave them be for a few days. Sounds like one knock over something or got tangled in the bag and scared the other one.
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Have you examined her closely to make sure she isn't injured?

If she isn't hurt, I agree with GK. Give it a day or so. If something just scared her she should be OK soon. If she doesn't go back to normal pretty soon though she should go to the vet. She have have an injury you can't see.
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That's happened at my house. The most outgoing, friendly of the three, Moose, got totally freaked out when he got hooked in the handle of a plastic bag, which started WWIII between my three cats. There were no physical injuries, thankfully.
It took a awhile for things to get back to normal. When Moose got over the fear that another plastic bag wasn't lurking around the corner ready to attack him, he started acting normally again.
Good luck!
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It may be a little late now, but I would secure your scared outgoing kitty in a room by herself, where it is very peaceful, to help her calm down. If she continues in an scared manner, she needs to get to the vet.
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