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Royal Canin

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Hi there, I have a very specific request!
Does anyone know where I can buy royal canin sensitivity biscuits & pouches and also royal canin stones and weight young female pouches online?
I've found sensible 33 - I don't think this is the same as sensitivity control though?
I'm currently getting them from the vet but was wondering if I could get them cheaper online?
I can't find them on zoo plus
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Zooplus was where i was going to mention?.

What if you tried e-mailing Royal Canin?
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I get RC for Urinary and have to buy it from the vet's. Its not listed on their website to buy wholesale. I think if its a special diet, it can't be bought like the regular RC.

I agree to send an email to RC and see what they say.
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You can get the sensitivity biscuits and pouches from this site, I didn't check for the other one you're after.

Sensible 33 is different, it's part of the general range not the vet line.
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