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Goodbye to my 2 babies

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Fisrtly want to say goodbye to my beautiful boy Joey ~ who passed away on 23 Sept 2008
He died of liver failure and i still havent stopped crying over him, i dont think ill ever get over losing him at sure a young age (He was only 2)

Seconly Kizzy, who passed away last night, beautiful little girl.
I dont know the reason as yet from what she died from, she was only 10-11 months old.

RIP my 2 beautiful babies, look after each other.
I Love you both very very much, never forget that

:ange l:
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Run fast across the bridge you sweet angels All your new friends are waiting for you, along with Socks your mums other baby

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Thank you Susan
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I'm so sorry for your loss

May your sweet babies play together at the bridge
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I'm sorry for your loss!

RIP Joey and Kizzy
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So sorry about your cats.
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How very sad to loose two kitties so close together.
R.I.P. little ones.
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I'm so sorry for both of your losses.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace Joey and Kizzy
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Just had Kizzys blood results back, she died from FIP, im terrified for Bayley now
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Oh Carrie When will you know?.

Lots of mega healthy coming for Bayley
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Joey and Kizzy.
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I am so very sorry that you are facing this right now. What a sad sad time.

Sending so many prayers and vibes for Bayley and for you

Rest In Peace Joey and Kizzy
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Thanks guys,

Basically the vets said that it will already be in his system becuase he would of been exposed to it, being round Kizzy, its a case of hoping he is ammune to it, i cant face losing Bayley too , i just have to keep an eye on his the vet said
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i'm so sorry that you are going through this. to lose 2 cats so tragically is heartbreaking.

i'm sending masses of for bayley.

RIP precious babies.
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It is difficult to imagine a more stressful time as you wait to find out if Bayley's immune system can fight off this terrible disease.

Sending along healthy vibes to Bayley.

Rest in peace sweet Kizzy.
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I'm sooooooo sorry. That is really sad. Did you even know Kizzy was sick?
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Oh no!.. Carrie!......
wha a tragic event Carrie..
My deep condolences,...
RIP to boths sweet angels...
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Condolences on losing your precious Joey (ahhh, I have a Joey, too, and reading of your Joey's passing gave my heart an extra pang ) and also of much grief to bear
Sending prayers and vibes for Bayley's good health and a whole platoon of guardian angels to watch over you two
Bless you for staying strong for dear Bayley - he needs you so much during this stressful time although I am sure that he is also a great comfort to you as well.
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