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Basement waterproofing

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Well, after living in this house for 7 years, we're finally going to bite the bullet and waterproof our basement. We signed a contract last night to do it on October 20. Have any of you had to have yours done? I know the kitties will hate all the noise and commotion.......
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...Poor kittys....
still nervous about the movements at home my friend?...

for they!...
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Do you have a problem with water in your basement??

Waterproofing isn't the only answer. You most likely need a sump pump and to check the drainage around the exterior of your house. The soil should slope away from your house at about a 1" drop per foot. Its pretty easy to check this with a string level. Where do your downspouts drain-away from your house or are they buried underground (which I have but also can cause problems). Do you have a mold problem? Is your basement heated?? What is humidity level also??

We have a very unusual basement as our is a PWF -a permanent wood foundation-which was done when the house was built in the mid 1970's. We also have a very sandy type of soil so the only little bits of water came in from when we have problems with our septic system (its wasn't really "water" if you know what I mean!)
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